A new category was inaugurated at the 2021 Premier Gala de l’ADISQ, that of the Artist of the Year with the Most Impact on the Web, and it’s no surprise that SOCAN member Damien Robitaille triumphed. He’s been omnipresent throughout the pandemic with his daily cover songs – which have brought him unexpected worldwide fame, and more than 100 million cumulative views on all platforms. With nearly 250 performances since the beginning of the pandemic, an online “World Tour” – a 24-hour live marathon – and an upcoming tour of his “Bientôt c’est Noël” Christmas show, the least we can say is that the pandemic wasn’t an excuse for Robitaille to rest!

We met with him via Zoom and talked about the past year, the impact of his covers endeavour on his own songwriting, his tips for maximizing one’s impact on the web, and a look back at his 24-hour online “World Tour.”

The Québec music world was taken by surprise when CRi became the first electronic music artist to win the Breakout Artist of the Year Award at the 2021 ADISQ Gala, after also winning the Electronic Album of the Year honour during the Premier Gala.

We chatted with the young artist, who also won the SOCAN Electronic Music Award at the SOCAN Gala in Montréal. For the young winner, his success within the industry and in the hearts of Québec audiences represents a great recognition for the province’s electronic scene – which he describes as prolific, and which he praised during his acceptance speech. We also asked him about the negative consequences of the pandemic on that electro scene, as well as the importance of his mother in his career – since he makes it a point to thank her every time he has an opportunity to do so.

SOCAN member Klô Pelgag kept to her skyrocketing trajectory by winning her second Songwriter of the Year award, in addition to the trophy for the Online Show of the Year – Francophone – which, in addition to the awards she won during the Premier Gala, brought her total to six This makes her the only other artist to win six “artistic” trophies in a single year, alongside Céline Dion. When adding the “industry” honours as well, she earned a total of 13 Félix Awards in 2021!

Paroles & Musique Editor Eric Parazelli interviewed her on the day after the 2021 ADISQ Gala, that was topped by the kind of colourful and daring performance that only Pelgag can deliver. He asked her about her relationship to awards, the pandemic, teamwork, self-confidence, commercial radio, and the importance of social conscience, of which she reminded the gala audience during her acceptance speech.