The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) is presenting a panel of political experts in a virtual town hall conversation and pre-election primer, Sound Check: Rock the Vote with Confidence, on Friday, Sept. 17, 2021, from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET.

The event is designed to help the indie music sector, and the broader independent arts and culture community, get clear on where the parties stand on the issues. Not only those related to arts and culture, but other ones too: affordable housing, climate change, health care, regulating big tech, and COVID income supports, to name a few.

As the voice of independent music in Canada, CIMA’s role make sure the sector is heard loud and clear with whoever wins; but they’d also like to provide helpful information and context as we all head to the polls.

You can register for the event by clicking here!

CIMA is a member of the Coalition for Diversity of Cultural Expression (CDCE), which hosted an all-candidates debate on cultural policy, in Montréal on Sept. 13, 2021 – which you can watch here. They’ve also assembled a document which lists what each party is saying about some key cultural issues, and you can access it here.

For a complete list of resources, click on the image below.

SOCAN members Duffmusiq and Richard Tichelman have both won second-place prizes in the genre categories of the 2021 Unsigned Only song competition. Duffmusiq took the honours in the Blues category, for his song “I Can’t Get Over Losing You (AKA Ordinary Fool),” while Tichelman won in the Screenshot category, for his song “The One.”

In addition to these genre winners, 16 other SOCAN members, or acts featuring SOCAN members, also earned honorable mentions in their respective categories, including triple recognition for solo artist Madison Olds, and five honourees in the country category.  These winners are:

Adult Contemporary (AC)
Madison Olds, “Cliche Of Falling In Love”
Payge Owen, “Still”

Kyle McKearney, “Devil Water”

No Trombones, “Walk The Walk”

Mike Whiteside, “3 AM”
Alessia Cohle, “All Good”
Carson Janik, “Better Than That”
Alexa Goldie, “Not My Own”
Trevor Panczak, “Where I Go To Come Back”

The Cabaret Quicksand, “Colours”
Julia Gartha & Ariza, “Nothing’s More Lonely”

Alex Bird, “Fire Not Warmth”
Terry Jahz Lewis, “Romance Me”

Pop/Top 40
Madison Olds, “If You Wanna”

Smoothsaylin, “Sunday Morning”

Madison Olds, “Cliché of Falling in Love”

World Music
Dieufaite Charles (aka Jahfaa), “Li Pap Kraze”

SOCAN congratulates all of our winning members on these achievements. For a complete list of winners, and to hear the winning songs, click here.