The SOCAN Foundation was pleased and proud to present a Screen Music Laboratory for emerging composers, from Oct. 18-21, hosted on Aire Ouverte, a 2D videogame-like platform, where a virtual SOCAN Foundation office was built. The SOCAN Foundation Screen Music Lab was officially sponsored by Bell Media and The Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television.

The Lab invited 10 emerging composers from across Canada to join one screen composing mentor, Janal Bechthold, and one film director mentor, Pascal Plante, over the four days – during which they composed music for film excerpts supplied by the director. Beyond this hands-on exercise, the program aimed to de-mystify, and build, the relationship between composers and directors, and helped the young composers evolve in a context very similar to the reality of their craft. To this end, the director organized a spotting session during which the participants had to deal with tight deadlines, while working alongside Plante, with guidance from Bechthold.

The 10 participants were:

At the two-hour closing event, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Oct. 21, the 10 participants spent the first hour introducing themselves to the invited industry guests, and presenting the music they’d composed to one of four different excerpts from the movie Nadia, Butterfly.
Addressing the attendees before the film excerpts were shown, SOCAN Foundation Executive Director Charlie Andrews said, “We know that music plays such an important role in film and television, and other media.” That was increasingly apparent when listening to the young participants’ unique and emotionally accurate scores as each of the film clips were shown; they indisputably brought the scenes to life.

The second hour of the event was an online, within-the-videogame networking session with people from the music and screen industries, including representatives from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT), the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA), the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC), SPCAQ, and APEM, as well as Charlie Andrews, SOCAN Foundation program Co-Ordinator Julien Boumard Coallier (who largely organized the program and the event), and new SOCAN A&R Representative Guggan Singh.

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors (CISAC) has announced that worldwide royalty collections for creators of music, audiovisual, art, drama and literary works fell by 9.9% in 2020 with losses amounting to more than  1 billion as a result of the global pandemic.  

 According to the Global Collections Report, total collections fell to €9.32 billion as live and public performance revenue nearly halved across the world. However, the decline was mitigated by a strong rise in digital royalties, reflecting a sharp increase in audio and visual streaming around the world.  

 “When I took on the presidency of CISAC in May 2020, the subjugation of the creator was already a massive issue. Then COVID struck, highlighting two things. First, that streaming is fast heading towards being the most important source of creators’ earnings in the future. And second, that streaming revenues, however fast they grow, are currently simply not providing a fair reward when shared across millions of individual recipients,” said CISAC President Bjorn Ulvaeus. 

 For more highlights from CISAC’s 2021 Global Collections Report (for 2020 data), visit 


SOCAN was pleased and proud to sponsor a Sony Music Publishing Song Camp at Kilometre Music House, home of the Kilometre Music Group, in downtown Toronto, on Oct. 13-15, 2021.

Among the participating producers, songwriters, and top-liners were Boi-1da, DRTWRK, Anders, River Tiber, Zach Zoya, Savannah Ré, JRDN, Charlotte Day Wilson, Prezident Jeff, Jordon Manswell, Jamie Fine, YogiTheProducer, Rachael Kennedy, and U.S.-based songwriter Leon Thomas.

It was a lively, animated three nights, with creative sparks flying between, and within, the various small groups of co-writers, who were coming in and out of the building (and the writing sessions) all night long. The song camp coincided with Boi-1da’s birthday, so the iconic producer was presented with a GOAT (Greatest of All Time) cake, and fittingly celebrated by all.

Other creative participants included Mikey Samuels, Young Troy , Coleman, My Best Friend Jacob, Zypitano, Heartbeat, Eli Brown , AT, SLMN, Sully, Joël , Rahiim Hurlock, Ricky Tillo, Ty Leon, Shanks, Roderick Porter, ODIE, Bare, Dylan Sinclair, Rahiim Hurlock , Kevins Hideout, Bijan Amir, Jay Isaiah, Labcook, and Sunsetto.

The camp was curated by Adrian Nunez (VP, Creative A&R, Sony Music Publishing, out of New York) and producer/songwriter Don Mills, facilitated by Melissa Cameron-Passley SOCAN Manger, A&R), and hosted by Rodney Murphy (President of A&R/Acquisitions, Kilometre Music Group) and Gavin Brown (Producer/Songwriter, Kilometre Music Group).