On June 1, 2017, Les sœurs Boulay founded the Femmes En Musique (FEM—Espace public) movement by publishing an open letter that highlighted the gender inequality too commonplace in the music world. The letter was signed by more than 100 female musicians.

It read, in part: “Stakeholders of Québec’s music scene, be a part of the changes we wish for and need in order to achieve a healthy and balanced environment that will inspire young female artists, musicians, technicians, and other stakeholders of tomorrow’s music world to believe that our trade can help EVERYONE flourish.”

At the 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awards Gala, all of the SOCAN Classic Awards were earned exclusively by women. That is just one example of SOCAN’s continuing engagement to highlight the invaluable contribution of women in music.

We asked a few artists who were at the Oct. 2 Montréal SOCAN Awards what they thought, among other things, about the evolution of women’s roles in the Québec music ecosystem.

SOCAN celebrated Canada’s music publishers for songs that had achieved No. 1 positions on various airplay charts this year, in a presentation held Friday, Oct. 5, 2018, at SOCAN’s Toronto, Vancouver, and Los Angeles offices, during our annual publishers’ meeting and reception.

At the reception, we presented SOCAN No. 1 Song Awards as follows:

SOCAN, Michael McCarty, Vivian Barclay, Warner Chappell Music Canada, Amy Eligh, Arts & Craft,; Eric Baptiste, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: SOCAN’s Michael McCarty; Vivian Barclay of Warner Chappell Music Canada; Amy Eligh of Arts & Crafts; SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste; and SOCAN’s Daryl Hamilton.



















Arts & Crafts Music
For publishing Megan Bonnell and Joshua Van Tassell, who co-wrote “Separate Rooms”
No. 1 on CBC Music Top 20 in May 2018. Warner Chappell had been awarded earlier,
for publishing another of the song’s co-writers, Donovan Woods.


SOCAN, Michael McCarty, Jennifer Beavis, BMG Rights Management Canada, Eric Baptiste, Vicki Walters, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: Michael McCarty; Jennifer Beavis of BMG Rights Management Canada; Eric Baptiste; Vicki Walters of BMG Rights Management Canada; and Daryl Hamilton.



















BMG Rights Management
For publishing Lindsay Ell, who co-wrote and performed “Criminal”
No. 1 on Nielsen BDS Country Chart in April 2018

For publishing Tebey Ottoh, who co-wrote “Dive Bar,” performed by Gord Bamford
No. 1 on Nielsen BDS Country Chart in September 2018


SOCAN, Michael McCarty; Rachael Bestard, peermusic Canada, Eric Baptiste, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: McCarty; Rachael Bestard of peermusic Canada; Baptiste; and Hamilton.



















For publishing Michael DeAngelis, Nicholas Dika, Robert Kerman, and Tim Oxford (Arkells),
who co-wrote “People’s Champ,” performed by Arkells
No. 1 on the CBC Music Top 20 in April 2018


SOCAN, Michael McCarty; Janet Baker, Sony/ATV Music Canada, Eric Baptiste, David Quilico, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: McCarty; Janet Baker of Sony/ATV Music Canada; Baptiste; David Quilico of Sony/ATV Music Canada; and Daryl Hamilton.



















For publishing Tawgs Salter and Simon Wilcox, who co-wrote “Ripple Effect,” performed by Scott Helman
No. 1 on CBC Music Top 20 in June 2018


SOCAN, Michael McCarty; Katharine Perak, Jodie Ferneyhough, CCS Rights Management, Eric Baptiste, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: McCarty; Katharine Perak and Jodie Ferneyhough of CCS Rights Management; Baptiste; and Hamilton.



















CCS Rights Management
For publishing Gavin Brown/Inside Pocket, who co-wrote “Infra-Red,” performed by Three Days Grace
No. 1 on Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Chart in September 2018


SOCAN, Michael McCarty; Michael Graves, ole, Eric Baptiste, Adam Nathanson, Daryl Hamilton

Left to right: McCarty; Michael Graves from ole; Baptiste; Adam Nathanson from ole; and Daryl Hamilton.



















For publishing Gord Bamford, who co-wrote “Neon Smoke”
No. 1 on Australian Country Radio Charts in September 2018


SOCAN congratulates all of or publishers on their chart-topping efforts!

At the annual publishers’ meeting, before the reception, SOCAN CEO Eric Baptiste and Chief Membership and Business Development Officer Michael McCarty highlighted SOCAN’s desire to keep the publishing community informed on issues that matter to them. Senior Vice-President of Operations Jennifer Brown and Rights Consultant Craig Horton presented details of our new reproduction rights offering, and provided an update on the integration of SODRAC into SOCAN. Publishers were also treated to a demonstration of the work being done on SOCAN’s new member portal, as well as our recently upgraded Royalty Guru earnings analysis tool. And members of SOCAN’s Licensing team provided an update on licensing trends and digital services.

Attending the event at the Toronto office were:

  • Bobby Anderson and Mitch Cook of BellMedia;
  • Ross Hardy of hard Music;
  • Vicki Walters and Jennifer Beavis from BMG Rights Management Canada;
  • Amy Eligh from Arts & Crafts;
  • Andreas Rizek (formerly of SOCAN) from Ultra Music Publishing;
  • Steve Payne from Casablanca/Red Brick Publishing;
  • Jodie Ferneyhough and Katharine Perak of CCS Rights Management;
  • Janet Baker and David Quilico from Sony/ATV Music Publishing/EMI Music Publishing;
  • Tony Tobias from Pangaea Media &  Music;
  • Vince Degiorgio from Cymba Music;
  • Rachael Bestard from peermusic Canada;
  • Vivian Barclay and Bryce Seefieldt from Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd.;
  • Gord Dimitrieff from Aporia Records;
  • Steven Saffer from Abbeywood Records;
  • Ryner and Mary Stoetzer from Maryner Muzik;
  • Mark Quail from QAP;
  • Adam Nathanson and Michael Graves from ole;
  • Brad Machry from Linus Entertainment/True North Records; and
  • Margaret McGuffin from the Canadian Music Publishers Association.

Joining via videoconference from Vancouver were:

  • Michael Burke and Jocelyn Greenwood from Cordova Bay Publishing;
  • Amanda Hawkshaw from Nettwerk;
    Daniel Turcotte of Monstercat;

Joining via videoconference from Los Angeles were:

  • Chad Irvin of West One Music;
  • Karen Moore and Gina Eady-Marshall of Disney;
  • Abby North of the North Music Group/Sonic Concierge; and
  • Michael Eames of PenMusic.

Brent Belke, Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, John Morgan, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya

Left to right: Brent Belke, Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, John Morgan, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya.

SOCAN and the SCGC (Screen Composers Guild of Canada) co-presented a captivating “Composure in Composing” panel that featured Vancouver-based screen composers, on Oct. 4, 2018, at the 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

A diverse group of SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore were gathered for an informal session to share their experience, tricks of the trade, and advice on moving forward in the ever-changing world of composition for film, TV, and online. From stock music to Star Wars, they dealt with the entire spectrum of possibilities for the use of music in motion.

The panel, presented under the auspices of a VIFF/AMP (Alliance Media Partners) summit   featured screen composers Red Heartbreaker, Matthew Rogers, Hal Beckett, Raj Ramayya, Brent Belke, and John Morgan, Audio Director at The Coalition – Microsoft.

The group went into detail on some of the more technical aspects of scoring to screen, including the use of harmonic ambiguity to help tell the story, the ever-present challenge of creating temp music, and issues of plagiarism and originality.

Red Heartbreaker gave a passionate speech discussing her struggles toward equality as a woman in the screen music industry, and urged her male colleagues to become better, more active allies.

With files from Tonya Dedrick