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The Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA)

A secret weapon for success on the world stage

Lessons Learned: Clinton Shorter

"What you do has to mesh with the director's story."

Lessons Learned: Deric Ruttan

"Always serve the song."

Lessons Learned: Stephan Moccio

"Always strive for originality."

Tax Tips for Canadian Songwriters:

Royalties are considered self-employed business income

Lessons Learned: Protest the Hero

Rody Walker: “Progressive music doesn’t have to be diffi...

Lesson Learned: Jason Blaine

[Producer] Rick Hutt told me, ‘You’re going to get to wh...

Lessons Learned: Devon Portielje of Half Moon Run, on songwriting

Over-thinking will kill any song in half a second. Under-thi...

Lessons Learned: Dallas Good’s songwriting tips

Try not to rhyme love with love more than once a song.

What an artist manager does, and what to look for in finding one

“Many musicians have unrealistic notions about how their c...

Lessons Learned: Brian King of Japandroids

Number One, never tour Canada in the winter. Don’t do it.

Lessons Learned: career tips gleaned from Grimes’ success

if it were easy, everybody would be doing it

Lessons Learned: Serena Ryder’s Tips for Songwriting

Quelques années plus tard, peut-être aurez-vous à ce mome...

Lessons Learned: Corb Lund’s songwriting tips

When a song isn’t working, leave it alone.

What is the SCGC, and what can it do for you?

Learn more about the Screen Composers Guild of Canada

Lessons Learned: Songwriting Tips from Matt Mays

never leave a song until it's done.

Lessons Learned: Electropop music tips from Dragonette

write from the heart and bring some soul.

Lessons Learned: Tips on writing music for a weekly TV series

Be accommodating and collaborative

Do I need to be a member of the S.A.C.?

Find out more about the S.A.C

What is sub-publishing and how does it work?

Canadian publishers chase foreign royalties, and vice versa