SOCAN Song of the Week

Thierry Bruyère - “Un filigrane de toi”

  • Écrite par Thierry Bruyère, Jean-Philippe Fréchette
  • Éditée par David Murphy et cie, Éditions Quartier Général
  • Photo par Jean-Philippe Sansfaçon

We’re pleased to provide another useful service for SOCAN members with our What’s Playing section. We invite you to submit your music for potential inclusion on Words + Music.

To submit your music for consideration, and to be included in the list below, please Tweet/Facebook a link to your song, with the hashtag #SOCANmusic.

Please note that SOCAN will choose the Song of the Week only from links to websites that respect your copyrights and are licensed to play music. Why have we taken this position?

Criteria for Song of the Week selection