The sixth annual Drummondville Poutine Festival, which runs August 22-24, 2013, will feature two of Quebec’s favourite staples – music and poutine! Who came up with this winning combo? No less than Les Trois Accords, Quebec’s zaniest group, known and beloved by countless fans for lyrics that break taboos with generous servings of humour, and for their lively country-pop music. An article published in 2005 in the French edition of Words & Music, Paroles & Musique, on these emerging musicians’ career was presciently entitled “The Recipe of their Success!”

All natives of the Drummondville area, each of the group’s four musicians – Simon Proulx, Alexandre Parr, Charles Dubreuil and Pierre-Luc Boisvert – has a specific role to play when the group starts working on a new album or getting ready for the upcoming festival. SOCAN External Representative Michel Giguère, from the Montreal Office, remembers meeting them for the first time in 2008: “Their studio was not far from the Montreal Botanical Garden at that time,” says Giguère. “They were really nice guys. I had previously spoken with Charles Ouellette, their agent, and I was also able to explain several aspects of copyright and performing right licences to Simon Proulx during a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award presentation. They certainly did not hesitate to buy their licences for Tariff 4.A.1 – Popular Music Concerts!” Added Michel: “My kids and I are great fans. We saw them perform live in Châteauguay. We were near the stage. It was a great evening!”

Besides all the food- and drink-tasting activities that are organized in celebration of the world-famous dish of poutine, which Drummondwille proudly claims as a local invention, the 2013 Poutine Festival menu will be replete concerts featuring major SOCAN artists, including Groenland, Radio Radio, Lisa LeBlanc, Les Sœurs Boulay, Karim Ouellet, Les Cowboys fringants, the children’s favourite Arthur l’aventurier, Chantal Archambault, Cœur de pirate and Quebec superstar Robert Charlebois, all in the Drummondville’s magnificent Woodyatt Park. For more information on this event, which will be going green this year by using compostable plates, visit

Dear Editor,

How are SOCAN licence fees set?

– SOCAN Licensee

Dear SOCAN Licensee,

SOCAN licence fees are set by the Copyright Board of Canada, an independent body appointed by the government. Each year SOCAN files proposed tariffs with the Copyright Board. Interested parties are then permitted to submit objections to SOCAN’s proposals within a limited period. If an objection or concern is raised concerning a particular tariff, the Copyright Board may hold a hearing. After hearings are completed and any amendments are made, the Copyright Board publishes the approved tariffs in the Canada Gazette.

– Editor

How long have you worked at SOCAN?
It was my  two-month anniversary June 15 but it feels like forever…in a good way.

As an Media Account Manager, what sort of licensees do you work with?
I focus entirely on New Media Licensing so, in turn, work with those businesses licensed under tariff 22B-G, 22A, 16, and 24. My tariff of choice is a nice big 22F, totally makes my day!

What’s your favourite part of the job?
Being on the frontline of discovering new and innovative music services, and most importantly, monetizing music on the web so that our members reap the benefit.

What were some of your previous positions outside of SOCAN?
I ran my own startup for just over a year called the BOMB Music Service right before joining SOCAN; providing music services (synchronization clearance & supervision) to broadcast clients. Before that I founded a jingle house-turned-indie-music-licensing-outfit in Montreal, my home town, and previous to that I was in radio, ad sales and creative copy.

Which previous job(s) did you like the most?
Well the BOMB was the bomb of course J

What kind of music are you listening to right now?
I’ve stumbled into the world of DeVotchKa by recommendation but you can usually catch me listening to ‘90s hip-hop almost exclusively.

What other hobbies do you have outside of work?
I’m a hip hop MC/recording and performing artist

Last book read?
White Orleander by Janet Fitch

Last film seen?
Headhunters (Norwegian: Hodejegerne), a 2011 Norwegian action thriller. I was getting adventuresome on Netflix, and although the subtitles were hard on my eyes, it was so worth it.

Favourite song(s)?
Oh boy, that’s an impossible question but I would have to say the most timeless and meaningful song to me would be James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”

Most admired historical figure?
Rosa Parks

The trait I prefer in myself?

What I dislike the most in myself?
When I doubt myself and I shouldn’t.

“My arms are too short to box with God” – Nasir Jones