SOCAN welcomes the passage of Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, by the Senate.  

Streaming has grown significantly in recent years, but Canadian songwriters and composers have not received their fair share of this growth. Foreign streaming giants have enjoyed unfettered access to Canadian audiences and now, thanks to C-11, they will have to help support our cultural community and our Canadian songwriters.  

The Online Streaming Act sets the stage for the promotion and support of Canadian songwriters and composers, said SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown. We all benefit when our cultural policies reflect and encourage the Canadian experience and the creation and dissemination of Canadian stories and songs. 

This law is of crucial importance to the success of Québec music culture,” says Alexandre Alonso, SOCAN Executive Director of Québec Affairs. “Our data shows that Québec music creators are having difficulty reaching audiences on digital media, and Bill C-11 will encourage the promotion of their incredible work. 

Bill C-11 delivers on the promise of the Minister of Canadian Heritage, the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, to regulate online streaming services while excluding its application to individual content creators.  

On behalf of its more than 185,000 members, SOCAN warmly thanks Minister Rodriguez for his leadership, and assures him of its continued support on any project that will support the growth of Canadian cultural industries. SOCAN also thanks NDP and Bloc Québécois Members of Parliament for their support on this very important issue.