Month: September 2018

Heroic Publisher, Legendary Facilitator

John Alexander’s work with Alanis highlights brilliant car...

King Melrose: “Play more Francophone music in schools!”

Winner of a Popular Music honour at 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awa...

Shifting gear, digging roots

Kaia Kater pushes forward while fractured

Patrick Norman: from one generation to the next

Winner of Country Music Award at the 2018 SOCAN Montréal Aw...

Jean-Olivier Bégin: On Every Screen

Screen Composer of Year at 2018 Montréal SOCAN Awards

Hubert Lenoir: Genuinely genuine

He’ll receive Breakthrough Award at 2018 Montréal SOCAN A...

Getting Loud: Rap in Québec vs France

Rapper Loud to be multiply honoured at 2018 Montréal SOCAN ...

Les Louanges : Bold, Agile, Nonchalant

Standing apart on the Québec music scene

Three-time winner succeeds “Encore et encore”

Laurence Jalbert to earn multiple Classics at 2018 Montréal...

Partner “Play The Field” perfectly to attract SOCAN Prize

SOCAN Songwriting Prize 2018 winners collect $10,000, prizes...

Snails races to EDM success at 2018 SOCAN Montréal Gala

Frédérik Durand charts beginnings, genesis of his unique m...

Klaus: Dream Band

Trio Klaus is fuelled by mutual admiration

Jeremy Dutcher wins 2018 edition of $50,000 Polaris Prize

Operatic First Nations singer accompanies 100-year-old recor...

Cape Breton’s fertile music scene

What makes it such a hothouse for music?

Four SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore win Gémeaux Awards

At Technical/Documentary Gala, held Sept. 13, 2018

Elisapie: Speaking on Weighty Matters

She tells her story of running away

ADISQ Award nominations unveiled

Philippe Brach, Loud head list of nominees

2018 SOCAN Montréal Cultural Impact Award, Part 2

Michel Rivard describes the genesis of his winning song

SOCAN building new team to harness power of data

Data Governance Office’s Michael King stresses need to evo...

What does Cultural Impact Award-winning song mean to today’s artists?

Michel Rivard song to be honoured at 2018 SOCAN Montréal Aw...