Music Users

Decision-Makers: Isabelle Ouimet

She’s booked more than 100 shows at Montréal Jazz Fest an...

Music for Good: The Lullaby Project

Songwriters team with new or expectant mothers to create lul...

Decision-Makers: Dana Lluis

She manages Lary Kidd, Laroie, programs Ausgang Plaza, more

L2P Profile: The Music Gallery

Supporting experimental music, finding a new groove

Why Broadcasting Act Reform is Imperative

To sustain and build Canadian-made music

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Executive Producer / General Manager of ADISQ Galas has clim...

Publishing: Nicole Beausoleil, winner of the 2021 Christopher-J.-Reed Award

“The revolution in our trade is near”

Musicor Disques’ Development and Publishing Director Xavier Debreuille

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A short guide to non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

How the new medium works

What does a music publisher do for you?

Getting monetary mileage out of your songs

Decision-Makers: Sylvie Courtemanche

Executive Director of Francouvertes

Music helps in times of crisis

Canada's music brings Canada's people together

SOCAN COVID-19 update

Taking measures to ensure that our business runs smoothly

Decision- Makers: Darryl Hurs of Indie Week, CD Baby

Helping emerging musicians get exposed, networked, educated,...

LyricMerch: Lucrative wording, printed on demand

Licensing lyrics for T-shirts, mugs, even shower curtains

Music on Ice

Choosing music for Toronto Maple Leafs games

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Massey Hall’s Massive Revitalization

A complete makeover for iconic Toronto landmark venue