Their 100% Fair Trade coffee beans are hand-selected, of the highest quality, from around the world; a slice of their cheesecake sends taste-buds on a decadent trip to the Big Apple; and before hitting stardom, Canada’s sweetheart, “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen, spent her time here serenading coffee connoisseurs from across Vancouver.

Trees Organic Coffee & Roasting House has served java devotees since 1996, and has since grown to five locations in the greater Vancouver area.  Along with offering their customers a true Bohemian/European-style café experience, for singer-songwriters and performers, Trees provides a venue and outlet for those starting out in their careers.

Just as it’s committed to Fair Trade coffee, Trees believes in fair play for songwriters, composers and music publishers.

And just as it’s committed to Fair Trade coffee, Trees believes in fair play for songwriters, composers and music publishers. They proudly display their Licensed to Play status with the emblem at their doorway.

Music is a key ingredient to their success. Director of Operations, Chris Hannah says, “Music helps us create an atmosphere in the café and without it the space would seem like a dead zone.” He adds that music not only plays in the background, but that “live music nights are something that makes Trees Café a destination for people to check out and discover great talent.

“Just about every musician gets their start playing small venues to gain some exposure and recognition – we see some very talented people playing their hearts out every week at Trees.” He’s especially proud that SOCAN member Carly Rae Jepsen honed her talent by regularly performing her music in the café, before gaining international fame.

As a result of being Licensed to Play music, “Trees not only ensures that their customers buy and drink coffee that is environmentally, economically and fair-labour conscious, but  that their customers can be sure Trees is also an ally for the rights of music creators,” says SOCAN’s Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, Andrew Berthoff.

Trees’ dedication to local musicians doesn’t end at just providing a venue for local talent; they also help to further their exposure via Trees’ blog, which includes a feature called the “Coffeehouse Musician Profile.”

The parallels of a business displaying that it’s Licensed to Play and supporting Fair Trade Coffee are all there: good for the workers, good for a company’s reputation, and good for all those concerned.

To learn more and become Licensed To Play, click here.