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Women In Music Canada (WIMC) has shared the long list of nominees for the first-ever Women In Music Canada Honours, scheduled for International Women’s Day – March 8, 2023 – at the Opera House in downtown Toronto. Recipients will be recognized and celebrated, alongside a dinner reception and showcase performances. Tickets are available.

The list was selected by a jury of 22 professional Canadian music industry leaders and creators, appointed by Women in Music Canada, and represents the top submissions. The final honourees will be curated from the long list by a finalist jury.

The WIMC Honours program was designed to celebrate and support Canadian innovators and creators who’ve had outstanding success in their field in the eligibility year (December 2021 through December 2022 for annual-based categories). Categories include Artist of the Year, Distinguished Leader, Entrepreneur of the Year, Excellence in Live Music, International Leader of the Year, Organization of the Year, the Trailblazer Award, and the Women in Music Canada Honour Roll, which will honour up to 10 women and gender-diverse industry members or artists on the rise.

The Honours reception, hosted by CBC’s Saroja Coelho, will showcase an incredible group of artists performing throughout the evening, including rising country star Sacha; producer, DJ, and performer Liliane Chlela; JUNO-nominated recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer Desirée Dawson; Cree and Salish singer and TikTok creator Tia Wood; singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sofia Camara; and decorated, multi-platinum recording artist Fefe Dobson.

During the event, the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame will induct multi-award winning, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Loreena McKennitt.

The Long List  nominees are:

Amanda Power – The Unison Fund
Amber Moyle – Polaris Music Prize
Anna Ruddick – The Unison Fund
Anne Stirk – Spotify Canada
Ashley Bieniarz – Songsmiths
Béatrice Martin – Bravo musique and Coeur de pirate
Carey Riley – Sony Music Canada
Charlotte Cardin
DeeDee Austin
Domanique Grant
Elise Roller – Misfit Music MGMT
Faryal Khan-Thompson – TuneCore
Fefe Dobson – 21 Entertainment Group Inc.
Fredericka Petit-Homme
Heather Gibson – National Arts Centre
Irish Mythen – Irish Mythen
Janna Sailor – Janna Sailor (Allegra Chamber Orchestra)
Jenn Ivanovs – Jives Management
Jessica Holtby – Seeka Sings
Jessica Lemmon – Lemmon Entertainment
Jessika Harling – JESSIA
Karen Kosowski
Katrina Kernaghan – TikTok
Lana Winterhalt – Good + Plenty Producer’s Club
Marilyne Lacombe – Mothland
Mary Beth Waldram – Laughing Heart Music
Monika Ouellet – Lazermortis
Nico Paulo
Nicole Auger – Indigenous Music Alliance
Nicole Alosinac – Nicole Alosinac Luthiery
Ryhna Thompson – Envision Management & Production
Samantha Pickard – Strut Entertainment
Sandy Graham – EMG
Shantel Noel – Spotify
Sharine Taylor – Independent / Bashy
Shauna de Cartier – Six Shooter Records
ShoShona Kish – Ishkode Records / Indigenous Music Alliance
Shumaila Hemani – Shumaila Hemani
Stacey Bedford – Bandzoogle
Sunny Chen – Sad China
Tanika Charles
Tyler Tasson – Endemic Marketing
Yolanda Sargeant – Sargeant X Comrade

SOCAN is publishing a Notice of Intent to Amend its proposed Tariff 22.A (2014-2018), in accordance with the Copyright Act.

Scope: The proposed tariff applies to the use of musical works in SOCAN’s repertoire in connection with the operation of an online music service, including in music videos, in 2014 to 2018.

Amendment: SOCAN will apply to the Copyright Board of Canada to limit the scope of the proposed tariff to apply only to on-demand streams and recommended streams, including streams by a hybrid service, of music videos (as these terms are defined in the proposed tariff).

If the Copyright Board approves SOCAN’s application, the proposed tariff would exclude audio-only online music services.

Audio-only tariff is not necessary: SOCAN is taking this step because it has made arrangements with all users who are known to have operated audio-only online music services in Canada during the tariff period, which is long expired, and to whom the proposed tariff would have applied absent the arrangements. As a result, a tariff for those audio-only uses is no longer necessary.

The amendment would promote efficiency for SOCAN and its members by avoiding any further steps in connection with the Copyright Board’s examination of the audio-only portion of the proposed tariff, including the possibility of judicial review proceedings, when such a retroactive tariff is no longer necessary. It would also allow SOCAN to continue to dedicate its efforts and resources to the best interests of its members.

For additional information, please consult the Notice of Intent to Amend (below) and direct any inquiries to

Notice of Intent to Amend SOCAN Proposed Tariff 22.A (2014-2018)

February 22, 2023

Please be advised that SOCAN intends to make an application to the Copyright Board of Canada, under paragraph 69(b) of the Copyright Act, to amend the following proposed tariffs:

SOCAN Tariff 22.A – Internet – Online Music Services (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) (the “Proposed Tariffs”)

SOCAN has made arrangements covering all users known to have operated audio-only online music services in Canada during the effective period of the Proposed Tariffs. As a result, a tariff for those uses is no longer necessary. Therefore, SOCAN will request that the Proposed Tariffs be amended so that their scope is limited to the use of musical works embodied in music videos in connection with the operation of an online music service and its authorized distributors.  

Specifically, SOCAN will request that all of the acts set out in the Proposed Tariffs be excluded from the approved tariff for the entire proposed effective period, other than the on-demand streams and the recommended streams, including such streams by a hybrid service, of music videos (as these terms are defined in the Proposed Tariffs).

SOCAN intends to make the application to amend the Proposed Tariffs during or after the week of March 26, 2023. The Proposed Tariffs can be accessed on the Copyright Board of Canada’s website at the links set out above.

For the avoidance of doubt, this Notice of Intent to Amend does not affect any other proposed tariff, including the other proposed tariffs under consideration in the Online Music Services [SOCAN: 2007-2018] proceeding, which are as follows:

  • SOCAN Tariff 22.2 – Audio Webcasts (20072008);
  • SOCAN Tariff 22.B – Internet – Other Uses of Music – Audio Webcasts (20092010201120122013);
  • SOCAN Tariff 22.B – Internet – Other Uses of Music – Commercial Radio; Satellite Radio and Pay Audio (20142015201620172018); and
  • SOCAN Tariff 22.C – Internet – Other Uses of Music – Other Audio Websites (20142015201620172018).

Accordingly, this Notice of Intent to Amend does not apply to activities covered by any such tariff, including, without limitation, simulcasting activities of commercial radio stations; simulcasting and “near simulcasting” activities of pay audio services; and Internet activities of satellite radio services, non-commercial radio stations and the CBC.

For additional information, please direct inquiries to

This constitutes a public notice under section 69.1 of the Copyright Act.