On April 26-28, 2022, SOCAN held the very first edition of the Kenekt Studio song camp, in Montréal, supervised by our Creative & Partnership Executive, Sara Dendane. The SOCAN members who  enjoyed participating in the new format of our SOCAN Kenekt song camp were Laroie (Arts & Crafts), Rosie Valland (Secret City Records), Léa Jarry (Rosemarie Records), Melowithdaheat, Alain Terieur, Gary Wide, Gene Tellem, Cruzito (Joy Ride Records), et Mickaël Fortin (Indica Records).

These creative song camps seek to foster positive collaborations between SOCAN members, and help them think outside the box to explore new horizons.

The Kenekt Studio song camp gathered six singer-songwriters and three producers in our downtown Montréal studios, where they were tasked with co-writing one song for each day in the three-day event. Members were assigned to one of three teams each day, and those teams changed daily. At the end of each day, each team turned in their song before leaving the studio. Thus, the camp produced a total of nine songs. The coda of the event was a “Happy Hour” listening party, where a few music industry stakeholders were invited to hear the songs, meet their creators, and share constructive criticism.

The Kenekt Studio song camps will be held monthly until the end of 2022. If you’d like to participate in one of these events, please fill out the form.

On Friday, May 13, 2022, Bros. Landreth release their third album Come Morning, and it marks a period of transition and adaptation. The two brothers, guitarist Joey Landreth and bassist David Landreth, both went from being hard-touring musicians to new husbands, and new fathers, in the past three years. In enforced seclusion (like all of us), they recorded the Come Morning slowly and intentionally, taking advantage of a long period of introspection. The sound of the new songs is less about flashy guitar parts and live interaction, and more about finding the textures that best serve them, while the content is largely about dealing with unconfronted past demons, and moving forward from that trauma. A few days before the release of Come Morning, we invited Joey and David to discuss their creative process and their vision for the album.

Rube & Rake earned the Songwriter of the Year honour, presented by SOCAN, at the 2022 East Coast Music Awards. David Myles and Vanessa Thomas, SOCAN Vice President, Member & Industry Relations, presented the duo with their trophy at the awards show – held before a live audience for the first time in three years– on Thursday, May 5, 2022, at The Aitken University Centre in Fredericton, N.B. (A second round of awards were presented at a gala that closed the awards week, in the same venue, on Sunday, May 8, 2022.)

Hillsburn led the award count with three, for Group, Album, and Pop Recording of the Year, the latter two for their Slipping Away record. The Song of the Year Award was a tie, between Breagh Isabel, for “Girlfriends,” and  Dylan Menzie, for “A Heart That Doesn’t Want Mine.” Amy Brandon won Classical Composer of the Year, and the Francophone Recording of the Year was Chloé Breault’s Plage des morons. Mi’kmaw fiddler Morgan Toney won the Indigenous Artist of the Year Award.

The May 5 ceremony was hosted by Maestro Fresh Wes, who’s recently moved from Toronto to Saint John, N.B. The evening included live performances from several nominees, and special guest performances by Lisa LeBlanc and Patsy Gallant. There was also a tribute to Acadian songwriting, as the group 1755 performed their newly-inducted Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame song, “Le monde a bien changé.”