The Francofolies de Montréal, FME, Festival d’été de Québec, M for Montréal, Osheaga, and MEG Montréal have all collaborated with the MaMA Festival & Convention to allow local artists to promote their work in Paris. This year, MaMA will take place Oct. 17-19, in the Pigalle district at the heart of Paris.

Each year, the MaMA Festival & Convention gathers more than 5,600 Francophone and international professionals and presents 100-plus shows and dozens of conferences. MaMA’s conferences are an opportunity for artists to network and create unique business opportunities with industry representatives. Each year, SOCAN has a strong presence at the event, and this year will be no exception.

To register, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • the artist must be Canadian;
  • Save for certain exceptional cases, the artist must have launched an EP or album in the 18 months before the date of their showcase;
  • The artist must have undertaken the development of their career in France, and have a link with at least one professional structure recognized on the European market;
  • Ideally, the artist will have an album or an EP distributed, or about to be distributed, in France;
  • A press kit about the artist on the French territory must be submitted;
  • A backgrounder must also be submitted with the application;
  • It’s mandatory that the artist is accompanied by a representative for this trip.

If you meet all of the criteria, don’t hesitate to sign up using this link: Ma Cabane à Paname

Registration ends Sept. 7, 2018!