Thirteen knowledgeable music ecosystem representatives shared their valuable insights and advice about making it in Los Angeles, with a crowd of about 100 L.A.-based SOCAN members who are new to the city, as we hosted a “Halloween in Hollywood” mic drop mixer at the historic Sound Factory studios, on Thursday, Oct. 26, 2023.

Each of these 13 key players in the LA music industry spoke briefly to the members:

  • Jarret Mckenzie – Feels Right Management
  • Livy Rodriguez-Behar – Dreamboat Music Supervision
  • Danny Berkeley-Scott – Hallwood Media
  • Doug Deluca – Lineage Music Group
  • Andre Galuban – Canadian Consulate in L.A. (Head of Music)
  • Max Espinosa – SalxCo
  • Mauricio Ruiz – 8tilfaint
  • Chukwudi Obi and Laura Johnson – Red Bull Records
  • Adrienne Reeves – Versa Music Group
  • Allyson Aranez – Aspect Agency
  • Nat Yaeger – Vnclm_ x Atlantic
  • Gabi Kochlani – The Grey Administration

In addition to providing an educational and networking opportunity for members, we also presented a No. 1 Song Award to Scott Helman, who scaled the peak of the CBC Music Top 20 Countdown Chart on July 2, 2023, with his song “Drive.” Our Creative Executives Racquel Villagante (Los Angeles) and Liam Russell (Los Angeles & Nashville) bestowed the trophy to Helman during the festivities.

Among the SOCAN members attending the event were Zach Zoya, Nathalie Bonin, JESSIA, Jamie Fine, Danny Del, Kareem James, Alicia Creti, Marc Majore, Jude Connors, Kalli Lang, Andrea Wasse, VIBI, Noah  Barer, and Taylor Kernohan.

In addition to the key music ecosystem players listed above, among the industry representatives in attendance were Arian Tehranian and Max Espinosa, of SalxCo (artist managers for The Weeknd, NAV, and Belly); Mya Hansen and Adam Ikner, of Sony Music Publishing; Izzy Elefante, of APG; Dougie Bohay, of YMU Group; Twiggy and Sam Pringle, of Project Gold; Cameell Hanna, of Sound Factory Records; and Bret Disend, of Ozone Entertainment.

In addition to Racquel Villagante and Liam Russell, attending for SOCAN were Alex Golden, Manager, Creative Operations and Programming, and Ayden Pelle, SOCAN Los Angeles  intern, from the University of Southern California (USC).

We also gave a prize away for the best costumes – and you can see the winners in the final photo of the gallery below!

Access a complete set of photos from the event.