2022 was the year when live shows rerurned, much to the delight of artists and audiences alike. But 2022 was also a year of painful assessments concerning the difficulty of generating substantial revenues from streaming platforms, not to mention the discoverability issues of Canadian and Québec music, especially Francophone music, on these platforms. Add to that the rising costs of touring, while concert fees aren’t increasing at the same rate, and you have a situation that could potentially discourage the most die-hard artists. Fortunately, the SOCAN members interviewed during the Premier Gala de l’ADISQ on Nov. 2, 2022, still find the motivation to carry on creating and performing, despite adversity and recurring bad news in the music ecosystem. In this video, Pierre Lapointe, Souldia, Lisa LeBlanc, Jean-Michel Blais, and Hubert Lenoir share what motivates them to keep creating, no matter what.   

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