After 12 years of silence, crucial Québec punk band Vulgaires Machins is back with its signature protest songs, full of heady choruses and joyous riffs. On Disruption, the band’s eighth album, the quartet demonstrates that it’s possible to evolve and re-invent yourself musically, in order to avoid repeating what you’ve done before, but ultimately remain relevant to your era. And if Vulgaires Machins is, first and foremost, a vehicle to share the lucid vision of its two songwriters, Guillaume Beauregard and Marie-Ève Roy, it’s she who’s driving that vehicle by getting more involved than ever in the writing and interpretation of their songs. If the subject this time is more focused on introspection and the search for meaning and empathy than on cynical social criticism, some songs are witness the evolution of the group’s musical signature along some surprising avenues. We invited the creative couple to a virtual meeting so that they could tell us more about the process, and the reflection, that led to the album Disruption.

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