The realm of music rights can be complex, and sometimes there’s nothing better than a good introduction session to make it clearer. SOCAN understands this, and has for several years offered “101” training sessions, both in person and online. That’s why we’re offering you a captivating free webinar, in French, that’s open to all – where we’ll dive into the world of SOCAN’s Reproduction Rights department.

 Find out how to maximize your royalties when your music is reproduced in films, on television, and on various other media platforms, including streaming, downloads, and CDs.

Presented online on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. ET, Maximizing your music royalties with reproduction rights will be hosted by Tessy Pokuah Paquin, SOCAN’s Creative Programming and Partnerships Coordinator. The speakers will be Martin Lavallée, SOCAN’s Head of Reproduction Rights, and Marine Frackowiak, SOCAN Customer Relations Specialist. They’ll talk about the basics of reproduction rights, and how to earn more of the royalties you’re owed when your music is reproduced. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A period.

Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand SOCAN Reproduction Rights and increase your royalties. Register today to attend this webinar by clicking on this link.

Martin Lavallée, SOCAN’s Head of Reproduction Rights
Martin is part of SOCAN’s executive team, and is responsible for the strategic vision for SOCAN’s reproduction rights business. A lawyer by trade, he’s also actively involved in government relations, advocacy, and tariff negotiations.

Marine Frackowiak, SOCAN Customer Relations Specialist
Marine Frackowiak is an accomplished specialist in rights management and licensing for the film and music industry, with more than a decade of experience. Marine started working at SOCAN Reproduction Rights in 2022, where she’s actively involved in optimizing the client experience. Prior to this, Marine spent several years at Warner Music Canada, working as a member of the sync team, responsible for licensing masters for film, TV, commercials, and videogames. Her expertise in intellectual property also led her to work in the film industry, where she conducted visual and script research. Marine’s passion for music and film is only matched by her dedication to supporting artists and creators in receiving fair compensation for their work.