The realm of music rights can be complex, and sometimes there’s nothing better than a good introduction session to make it clearer. SOCAN understands this, and has for several years offered “101” training sessions, both in person and online. That’s why we’re offering you a captivating free webinar, in French, that’s open to all – where we’ll dive into the world of SOCAN’s Reproduction Rights department.

 Find out how to maximize your royalties when your music is reproduced in films, on television, and on various other media platforms, including streaming, downloads, and CDs.

Presented online on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. ET, Maximizing your music royalties with reproduction rights will be hosted by Tessy Pokuah Paquin, SOCAN’s Creative Programming and Partnerships Coordinator. The speakers will be Martin Lavallée, SOCAN’s Head of Reproduction Rights, and Marine Frackowiak, SOCAN Customer Relations Specialist. They’ll talk about the basics of reproduction rights, and how to earn more of the royalties you’re owed when your music is reproduced. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A period.

Don’t miss this opportunity to better understand SOCAN Reproduction Rights and increase your royalties. Register today to attend this webinar by clicking on this link.

Martin Lavallée, SOCAN’s Head of Reproduction Rights
Martin is part of SOCAN’s executive team, and is responsible for the strategic vision for SOCAN’s reproduction rights business. A lawyer by trade, he’s also actively involved in government relations, advocacy, and tariff negotiations.

Marine Frackowiak, SOCAN Customer Relations Specialist
Marine Frackowiak is an accomplished specialist in rights management and licensing for the film and music industry, with more than a decade of experience. Marine started working at SOCAN Reproduction Rights in 2022, where she’s actively involved in optimizing the client experience. Prior to this, Marine spent several years at Warner Music Canada, working as a member of the sync team, responsible for licensing masters for film, TV, commercials, and videogames. Her expertise in intellectual property also led her to work in the film industry, where she conducted visual and script research. Marine’s passion for music and film is only matched by her dedication to supporting artists and creators in receiving fair compensation for their work.

From Oct. 11-13, 2023, SOCAN was on-site at the MaMA Festival, a not-to-be-missed music convention in Paris. The event brought the neighbourhoods of Pigalle and Montmartre to life through three days and nights of conferences, professional networking events, and concerts open to the general public.

The 2023 edition put Canada in the spotlight thanks to the “Focus Canada” series, celebrating our country’s diverse music scene, and strengthening ties between Canada, France, and the rest of the world.

SOCAN played a key role in supporting more than 20 Canadian artists, who performed in various showcases. These talented Québécois and Canadian representatives received a warm welcome from the Parisian public, and SOCAN was proud to be there to support them, thousands of miles away from home.

We seized the opportunity to chat with four of our French-speaking members, and give them a platform to discuss their aspirations when it comes to exporting their music to France, and the world.



SOCAN, Interview, Fredz, MaMA, 2023
Select the image to play the YouTube video interview with Fredz

“Fredz is a 21-year-old rapper from Longueuil, a Montréal suburb, who’s rapidly turning a lot of heads, and who makes no bones about his determination to conquer the hip-hop market in France. He discussed his ambitions, challenges, and tips for success, and serves as a source of inspiration condensed into a few minutes.



Mayfly, MaMA, SOCAN, Interview, 2023

Select the image to play the YouTube video interview with Mayfly

We caught up with Charlie and Emma, who form the duo Mayfly, to discuss their creative process, their desire to export their music, and the challenges for a bilingual band looking to develop their audience in Québec.



Mimi O'Bonsawin, Interview, SOCAN, MaMA, 2023

Select the image to play the YouTube video interview with Mimi O’Bonsawin

We also met Mimi O’Bonsawin, an artist from Greater Sudbury, born of a Franco-Ontarian mother and an Abenaki (First Nation) father. She recently released Boréale, her first album in French, after five projects in English. She shared her desire to export her music while preserving her authenticity.



SOCAN, Interview, Ariane Roy, MaMA, 2023

Select the image to play the YouTube video interview with Ariane Roy

We caught up with Ariane Roy backstage at her showcase, and she told us about her ambitions to export to Europe, having already taken a number of steps in her strategy to make a name for herself over there.


The Focus Canada series at MaMA Festival was a unique opportunity to showcase Canadian talent and promote artistic and professional exchanges between Canada, France and the rest of the world. Once more, SOCAN has proved its essential role in supporting the music from Québec and Canada on the international stage.

Fifteen SOCAN members were honoured at the Screen Composers Guild of Canada’s (SCGC) second annual Canadian Screen Music Awards (CASMAs), held on Oct. 26, 2023, at El Mocambo in downtown Toronto.

SOCAN Senior Account Executive, Audiovisual, Paul Stillo co-hosted the event with SCGC Executive Director Tonya Dedrick, while SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown presented the Best Original Main Title Theme Music honour, sponsored by SOCAN. “SOCAN is always happy to partner with the Screen Composers Guild of Canada,” said Brown. “We’re very honoured to present this award.” Music Publishers Canada (MPC) CEO Margaret McGuffin presented the honour for Best Original Song, sponsored by MPC.

The CASMAs honour composers for their outstanding work in media and screen-based industries, and are the first to be juried and awarded by fellow composers in Canada. A total of 52 musical works received nominations in 11 categories covering feature film, television, animation, documentary, games, and interactive media.

And the winners are:

Best Original Main Title Theme Music
Presented by SOCAN CEO Jennifer Brown
Layal Watfeh, for Under Guardianship – Taht Al Wisaya

Best Original Song (Sponsored by Music Publishers Canada)
Presented by Music Publishers Canada CEO Margaret McGuffin
Jesse Zubot, Wayne Lavallée, and Marie Clements, for “You Are My Bones”

Best Original Score, Animated Series or Special
Spencer Creaghan and Neil Parfitt, for Matchbox Adventures: Season 3

Best Original Score, Comedy Series or Special
Peter Chapman and Maylee Todd, for Workin’ Moms – “The End” episode

Best Original Score, Documentary, Factual, Reality Series or Special
Ben Fox, for The Climate Baby Dilemma

Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature Film
Jonathan Kawchuk, for True Survivors

Best Original Score, Dramatic Series or Special (Sponsored by DGC National)
Spencer Creaghan, for Slasher: Ripper – “The Slaughterhouse” episode

Best Original Score for Games and Interactive Media
Jim Guthrie, for Nobody Saves The World

Best Original Score for a Narrative Feature Film (Sponsored by Orchestral Tools)
Steph Copeland, for Outpost

Best Original Score for a Short Film (Sponsored by Cinesamples)
Amin Bhatia, for Jane Goodall’s Reasons for Hope

Best Original Score for a Television Special
Kristjan Bergey, for Swindler Seduction

Distinguished Services to the Industry Award
Darren Fung

In addition to these awards, an “In Memoriam” segment honoured the late screen composer, and 2022 CASMA winner, Phil Strong – who was fondly remembered as “a brilliant and kind creative spirit.”