In an interview with SOCAN, Adam Cohen comments on his late father Leonard Cohen’s 2017 JUNO Award for Album of the Year (for You Want It Darker); his memories of working with his dad as he produced the record — an experience he calls “jubliant, delicious, eerie, stirring, wonderful”; and his decision to follow in his father’s singer-songwriter footsteps.

In an interview with SOCAN, Scott Helman discusses his view that pop music can be deep and authentic; how he writes songs with his long-time team of Simon Wilcox, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Todd Clark, and Ron Lopata; and the initial idea that led to his hit song, “Kinda Complicated.”

In an interview with SOCAN, 2017 Allan Waters Humanitarian Prize JUNO Award winner Buffy Sainte-Marie discusses how humanitarian work is of a piece with all of her other creative work, and talks about the current moment of widespread recognition for Indigenous culture in Canada.