Technically a blogger, Bob Lefsetz is really a leading expert on the music industry. His widely-read, independent e-mail newsletter, The Lefsetz Letter, features his lively, iconoclastic opinions on the state of the business of music. Lefsetz’s sharp, sometimes cutting scrutiny, and uncensored ideas, have established him as one of the most influential voices in the industry. He makes all of his writing available for free online, or via e-mail, earning a living instead through paid speaking engagements, and writing for other publications.

His recent post on “How to Promote” is a typical one – it’s brutally honest and realistic, but provides an excellent distillation of an approach that should benefit every SOCAN member as they pursue a career in music. In it, Lefsetz discusses how to incrementally distribute your music and build statistics, the importance of playing live and taking your time, and only building a team when it makes sense to do so.

You can read his “How to Promote” column here.

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