Short Artist Profiles

Kellie Loder: Making “spiritual” music for all ears

And defying the pigeonholes

Rapper E.GG recognizes “Good Fortune” when he sees it

And praises Winnipeg’s strong sense of musical community

Claire Ridgely: Music Mode = Always On

“It took a really long time to find my voice”

Adam K and Drew North of Hotbox Digital Music

Songwriting is the key for production duo

TEKE::TEKE: Positive Destruction

Montréal combo attracts attention of famed labels Kill Rock...

The true stories of Virginia to Vegas’ Derik Baker

Writing with a team, for more than 260 million streams

Jessy Lanza: Daring to be vulnerable

While adapting to the new reality of the pandemic

Jonathan Personne: Not Just Anybody

Disparitions album revives a time-period he hasn’t even li...

Krief: The Homebody Rocker

“Nowadays, I never look for what’s trending or hot”

Julian Taylor, on his breakthrough album The Ridge

An outsider looks back, with a sonic departure

Anachnid: She sings with wolves

“I increasingly understand what I do and why I’m here”

Jason Sharp: Breath of Life

He’s just finished the soundtrack for Netflix show The Dec...

Rosie Valland: Three vacuum-sealed acres of dreams

“Blue brought me a lot”

Kelsi Mayne: childhood singer, late-blooming songwriter

Also a nurse, track athlete, actor

William Hennessey: Rapper at Heart

We speak with this truly free spirit

Andrew Lee composes first score, for North Korean hockey doc

Film editing choices often dictated by his music

Annie Sama: Kill them with kindness

Her music is a thermal shock

France D’Amour : Awakening the Beast

“Rock ’n’ roll is all about feeling and emotion”

RALPH’s Flashbacks and Fantasies

Documenting the messy world of romantic relationships

Dave Sampson’s rollercoaster ride to success

Working on his craft through the ups and downs