SOCAN Song of the Week

Serena Ryder - “Ice Age”

  • Written by Serena Ryder, Simon Wilcox, Thomas "Tawgs" Salter
  • Published by Sony/ATV Music Publishing Canada, Peermusic Canada, Irving Music of Canada, Fun Cooker
  • Photo by Richard Sibbald

  • Serena Ryder on the song:
  • “‘Ice Age’ is about how freeing it is to really come out the other side of a broken heart, and a broken mind, with the realization that the only thing that is broken are the words themselves, by which we choose to define ourselves and our situation. They can be so confining, and can even ruin the beautiful complexity of things that should be felt. This is a song about breaking free from the icy chains of the past and thawing into an epic new shiny relationship with life.”

  • On the video:
  • “The inspiration is the documentary Alive Inside. The video encapsulates the healing power of music, and how it can bring dementia and Alzheimer’s patients back to life like no medication ever has. It’s mind-blowing how powerful a medicine music can be. It’s a healer that breaks all cultural, age, class and gender chains.”

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