Month: December 2012

Lessons Learned: Songwriting Tips from Matt Mays

never leave a song until it's done.

Sylvain Cossette: Open Doors

The man decided to turn to his loved ones to help him inform...

Lessons Learned: Electropop music tips from Dragonette

write from the heart and bring some soul.

Lessons Learned: Tips on writing music for a weekly TV series

Be accommodating and collaborative

In the Spotlight: Tyler Medeiros

“I'm going to keep making my music for my amazing fans"

Lessons Learned: How writers connect to publishers

A positive attitude is extremely important.

Frédérick Baron: Between Shadow and Light

He became a lyricist by accident.

Sébastien Lacombe: Standing Tall

Faced with the fragile changing music industry, he does not ...

Preserving a life’s worth of Rudolf Komorous’ work

From suitcases to cyberspace

Veteran songwriter crafts pop, country, and soul hits

But Tebey Ottoh’s got his own album now

Inside Dany Placard’s Bubble

His paramour and their sons are the muses to which we owe th...

Dragonette make their own way in the U.K.

Leaving home, coming back

Pierre Létourneau: as on day one

“I was so privileged to earn a living doing what fulfills ...

Kay is fast-tracked to success regardless what you call her

What's in a name?

How music publishers connect their writers

Searching for the stars

In the Spotlight: Marc Robillard

writing songs for commercials

Delhi 2 Dublin moves from dance grooves to timeless tunes

Embracing the craft of songwriting

Matt Mays finds inspiration in his travels

On the road again

Ivy : For the Love of Words

Poetry slam changed his life

Canadian Classics: “Patio Lanterns” (1986)

Written by Kim Mitchell and Pye Dubois Published by Trelatu...