Month: February 2014

Music puts the “samba” in Baru Latino

Vancouver restaurant supports music with L2P sticker

Licensed to Play: Carleton Music Bar & Grill

The L2P sticker supports music creators.

Canadian Classics:

Written by Ron Hynes, published by Sold for a Song

Klô Pelgag:

Outlandish wordplay to amuse, de-stabilize, and move the lis...

Vince Degiorgio, pop music explorer

From Tokyo to Toronto, with plenty of stops in between

Guillaume Arsenault:

“As a creator, you can’t force things to happen.”

Monster Truck

Catchy tunes never overdone

Blues Delight:

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, obviously. All we can ...

Louis-Jean Cormier:

Talented and down-to-earth, Louis-Jean Cormier, the singer a...

Gordon Lightfoot:

Gordon Lightfoot's career has produced every kind of song im...

Wanting spans two worlds

Her debut album was certified six-times platinum in China an...

Ariane Brunet:

Three years after first album, musician makes giant strides

Licensee Profile:

Alain Caron:

"You might call it jazz-rock or fusion, but the core of my m...

Indie radio royalties reward songwriters

Radio performance royalties still an important source of inc...

Michel Rivard:

Sometimes a single song will lead to a whole new album. Such...

Basia Bulat

More contemporary sound, uncensored songs

The Face of SOCAN: