In a world of cookie-cutter bands and faceless electronic scenesters, Halifax native Rich Aucoin stands apart from the pack. Whether touring across Canada on his bicycle or turning a night at a club into a celebration with video projections, balloons, streamers and confetti, seeing Aucoin is always an event. He says his goal is to “create a euphoric communal experience” and word is spreading fast. In the last two years he has toured across Canada, bringing his unique brand of orchestral electro pop to the masses and watching massive karaoke-like sing-alongs ensue. Aucoin credits Halifax with the development of his eclectic sound. “In a larger city, someone might focus on being a jazz or punk musician. Here, that same musician wears many hats and can be a jazz musician one night and play at an all-ages punk venue the next.” Currently on tour across the U.K., watch for this workaholic’s return to Canada with more shows, crazier visuals and the release of two new records: We’re All Dying to Live: Public Publication (EP) and Over The Top! (LP). Visit