What if there was a space online where musicians across Canada could easily congregate, simultaneously sharing their talent with others, selling and promoting their music, and booking gigs? While Canadian artists today rely largely on social media to network and promote themselves, Canadianmusicians.com allows our home and native musicians a single, dedicated online location where they can connect to, and collaborate with, their colleagues in music-making, and in the Canadian music industry.

Active for more than a decade, Canadianmusicians.com was conceived by founder & Community President John Eita, who, after many years of working as a sound engineer and producer saw an open door to do more for Canadian artists like himself.

“I want our members to know the strength that SOCAN has, and what it offers musicians.” – John Eita of Canadianmusicians.com

The member-based website originated as a simple directory of musicians. Over time it evolved, serving local and national businesses looking to hire, showcase and work with musical talent from across Canada. Before Eita knew it, the site grew to fulfill a real need in the Canadian music industry, offering both musicians, and those interested in working with them, a home online.
“We’re specifically for Canadian markets,” says Eita. “We work with musicians, and venues that are hiring. I connect one-on-one with my members, who want to promote themselves, and I talk directly with venues. We’re the only Canadian service of this type.”

With the advent of social networking in the 2000s, Canadianmusicians.com really found its footing, adapting quickly to the fast-moving networking phenomenon that has transpired over the last decade or so. Because the idea originated through the same concept – connect people with the same interests using an online platform – Eita, an experienced programmer, single-handedly designed and published a re-branded website with new offerings.


“[Eventually] it developed [from a directory] into everything else,” says Eita. “Now our members include a collection of venues, sound engineers, song producers, lighting professionals, and so on. It’s a social website, mainly to get people to make money, find venues and gigs, and [find other] businesses that are hiring musicians.”

Music hosting is another service Eita’s team offers its online members. Artists can upload 15 songs free of charge, and incur only a minimal fee for additional hosting.

“We’re proud of where we are at right now,” says Eita. “We offer a lot in terms of giving members a great website to connect with other artists and businesses.”

With its members’ music on rotation, Canadianmusicians.com is Licensed To Play with SOCAN. Says Eita: “SOCAN is one of the associations we want to work with. It has a great reputation and people just love being part of it. That we are part of that, I think that’s amazing.

“I want them [members] to know the strength that SOCAN has, and what it offers musicians as well. That is something I really wanted to promote and tell the website’s members about.”