Once again this year, SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore have fared very well in nominations at the 2024 Canadian Screen Awards. A total of 54 SOCAN members have earned nominations, seven of them have garnered double-noms, and Ari Posner and Suad Bushnaq have been honoured with three nods.

The double-nominees are Steph Copeland, Kimberly Villagante (aka Kimmortal), Amin Bhatia, Carmen Yanuziello, Adrian Ellis, and the sibling duo of Caleb Chan and Brian Chan.

The awards will be presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television, over the four days that comprise Canadian Screen Week, May 28-31, 2024.

The nominees – all SOCAN members (except those marked with an asterisk[*]) – are as follows:


 Achievement in Music – Original Score

  • Jay McCarrol – Blackberry
  • Steph Copeland – Cascade
  • Alysha Brilla – The Queen of My Dreams
  • Suad Bushnaq – Queen Tut
  • Ryan Shore*R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town

Achievement in Music – Original Song

  • Melissa D’Agostino, David Brock, Rebecca Everett – Mother of All Shows
  • Qurram Hussain*The Queen of My Dreams
  • Suad Bushnaq, Omar El-Deeb – Queen Tut
  • Kamel Bushnaq, Ashley Jane, Suad Bushnaq – Queen Tut
  • Lawrence Gowan – R.L. Stine’s Zombie Town

Best Original Music in a Feature-Length Documentary

  • Antoine Berthiaume – Greyland
  • Stéphanie Hamelin Tomala – I Lost My Mom / J’ai placé ma mère
  • Ramachandra Borcar – The Longest Goodbye
  • Kat Duma, Verity Susman*, Matthew Simms – Tramps!
  • Olivier Alary*, Johannes Malfatti*Twice Colonized


Best Original Music, Animation

  • Ian LeFeuvre and Earl Torno – Builder Brothers Dream Factory – “Dancing Shoes” episode
  • Jeremy Fisher and Matt Ouimet – Jeremy and Jazzy – “You Can Be Anything” episode
  • Caleb Chan and Brian Chan – Pinecone & Pony – “The Sturdy Stone” episode
  • Neil Parfitt – Super Wish – “The Ballooniverse Pageant” / “The Way Back Home” episode
  • Erica Procunier – Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go – “The Mystery of Lookout Mountain” episodes

Best Original Music, Drama

  • Gary Koftinoff, Philip J Bennett – Hudson & Rex – “Northern Rexposure” episode
  • Robert Carli — Murdoch Mysteries – “D.O.A.” episode
  • Amin Bhatia, Ari Posner – Ride – “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” episode
  • Ari Posner, Amin Bhatia – Sullivan’s Crossing – “Can’t Help Falling” episode
  • Rob Melamed, Ryan McLarnon – The Spencer Sisters – “The Executive’s Elegy” episode

Best Original Music, Comedy

  • Todor Kobakov – Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper
  • Alan Doyle and Keith Power – Son Of A Critch – “Halley’s Comet” episode
  • Carmen Yanuziello, Haviah Mighty, Kimberly Villagante (aka Kimmortal), and Terrell Morris*Sort Of – “Sort Of Anything You Want” episode
  • Catalin Marin – Well Suited For Christmas
  • Peter Chapman and Maylee Todd – Workin’ Moms – “The End” episode

Best Original Music, Documentary

  • La-Nai Gabriel – Black Community Mixtapes – “Hip Hop” episode
  • Bruce Fowler, Neil Chapman – BUG SEX: It’s Complicated
  • Ben Fox – The Climate Baby Dilemma
  • Deanna H. Choi – Last of the Right Whales
  • David Wall – The Man Who Stole Einstein’s Brain

Best Original Music, Factual, Lifestyle, Reality, or Entertainment

  • Jorge Lopez*, Ari Posner, Kris Kuzdak – Bestest Day Ever with My Best Friend – “Henry the Tortoise’s Bestest Day Ever” episode
  • Adrian Ellis – Mapping Disaster – “Danger Beyond the Horizon” episode
  • Adrian Ellis – Mysteries of the Ancient Dead – “Egypt, Rome, Nepal” episode
  • Greg Johnston – Paranormal Revenge – “Love you to Death: The Case of Lori Kinrade” and “Photo Negative: The Case of Clyde Morrison” episodes
  • Joseph Shabason – Searching With Chef Sang – “The Farm” episode

Best Original Music – Original Song

  • Brian Chan and Caleb Chan – “Builder Brothers Dream Factory Theme” – from Builder Brothers Dream Factory – “Groom-ba” episode
  • Steph Copeland – “Love is a Mystery” – from The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost
  • Meiro Stamm and Antonio Naranjo – “Mittens & Pants Theme” – from Mittens & Pants – “Superpants” episode
  • Kimberly Villagante (aka Kimmortal) – “Made Up My Mind” – from Sort Of – “Sort Of Chaaliswan” episode
  • Carmen Yanuziello – “Don’t Carry Things That Weigh You Down” – from Sort Of – “Sort Of Gone Again” episode

For further information and a complete list of nominees, visit the Canadian Screen Awards website. Congratulations to all our nominees on this great achievement!