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Publishing: Éditions Bonsound

An interview with Marie-Ève Rochon

SOCAN members get discount on WIOpro audio-visual broadcast tracker

Enabling music creators to track screen performances, royalt...

Industry: Ray-On, a 360-degree musical offering

Music supervision, rights clearance, original screen music c...

Cristobal Tapia de Veer to speak at Les grandes rencontres SPACQ 2023

Award-winning screen composer for White Lotus will share his...

Attention SOCAN members! We’re implementing a new cue sheet

Part of global standardization for music used in screen prod...

#ComposersWhoScore: Samuel Laflamme: the Empathetic Outlook of Music

« Peu importe le projet qui m’est offert, j’évalue l...

SOCAN holds its first screen composing camp

Focused on members who score for TV, film, videogames, multi...

For the first time, SOCAN distributes royalties for music used in TV commercials

From existing TV & Cable licensing collection pools

SOCAN’s Gagan Singh presents session at 2022 VIFF Amp conference

We also support live scoring masterclass

Three SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore win in 2022 Gémeaux Awards

FM Le Sieur, Anaïs Larocque, Patrick Lavoie

Gémeaux Awards: SOCAN hosts panel on screen composing

And cocktail reception to celebrate members nominated in the...

#ComposersWhoScore : Organ Mood In “Viking” Mode At TIFF

Christophe Lamarche-Ledoux and Mathieu Charbonneau score St...

SOCAN dinner celebrates our #ComposersWhoScore in Los Angeles

“Their work is essential for SOCAN,” says CEO Jennifer B...

#ComposersWhoScore: Three SOCAN members win Iris Awards

Philippe Brault, Stéphane Lafleur, Christophe Lamarche-Ledo...

Screen composer Antonio Naranjo’s “divine dissatisfaction”

And the transition from songwriting to film scoring

Nuela Charles awakens her confidence

Co-writing opened up a new world for her

Video: The Pros – Screen Composer Suad Bushnaq

On working to a “temp” score

#ComposersWhoScore: 15 SOCAN members nominated for an Iris Award

The 2022 Gala Artisans Québec Cinéma will be held in June

Natalja Chestopalova, Rudolf Olah win $3,000 first prize at 2022 Cue-Sheet-Palooza

Their CueConnect prototype will help streamline royalties fo...

Ten SOCAN #ComposersWhoScore win in 2022 Canadian Screen Awards

SOCAN hosts celebratory reception for winners, nominees, mem...