After more than two years of waiting, it was finally time to see Hologram back on stage in Montréal. As a coda to the tour supporting their album CIEL, the whole Société Holographique de Montréal team invited their fans at Club Soda on Sept. 6 for a back-to-school party.

The show called upon the talents of several Montréal-based artists to present an impressive collaborative work. 

  • Stage direction: Laurence “BAZ” Morais. 
  • Physical art installation: Studio Ascètes (Olivier Bonnard & Alexis Vaillancourt) 
  • Stage lighting and lasers by Baillait Studio (Jean-Sebatien Baillat & Patrick Trudeau) , François Lévesque and Vincent Noël (VINO)
  • Costumes : Rémi Van Bochove 
  • Sound: Guyaume Robitaille 

We were there to capture this moment of pure musical and visual delirium as Hologramme was surrounded by several friends who came to party with him on stage, including his musicians Laurent Saint-Pierre and Alex Dodier, as well as special guests AG Kone, Claudia Bouvette, and Mantisse. He also debuted 3 new songs that will be featured on his upcoming 3rd album.