The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame is pleased to announce that two of the music industry’s most sought-after songwriters, Marc Jordan and John Capek, will be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) through the inaugural Anglophone edition of the Legends Series, supported by the RBC Foundation through RBC Emerging Artists. The seasoned songwriting veterans are most recognized as the co-writers of Rod Stewart’s No. 1 hit, the globally successful  “Rhythm of My Heart.”

Jordan is an acclaimed producer, jazz vocalist, and considered a “songwriter’s songwriter” by many of the peers and music icons alongside whom he’s worked. Capek’s songs have regularly achieved Gold and Platinum sales, for some of the biggest international artists throughout the decades.  Although Jordan and Capek will be honoured individually as songwriters for their respective catalogues, they’re also long-time collaborators. In addition to “Rhythm of My Heart,” Capek-Jordan collaborations include Bonnie Raitt’s “Deep Water”; Joe Cocker’s “Take Me Home”; Cher’s “Love So High” and “The Same Mistake”; Diana Ross’s “Pieces of Ice”; Chicago’s “Victorious”; and Amanda Marshall’s “Promises,” which reached more than a million sales in Canada.

 Jordan-and-Capek songs have also appeared in film, on the soundtracks for The Perfect Storm, starring George Clooney, and Loch Ness, with Ted Danson and Ian Holm. They’ve garnered several nominations and a win from the AFI (the Australian equivalent of the Academy Awards) for the Australian film Boulevard of Broken Dreams – featuring songs co-written by Jordan-Capek, with the soundtrack scored and produced by Capek. Capek’s film credits also include Two if by Sea starring Sandra Bullock, and Cocktail starring Tom Cruise.

“It’s very gratifying to be recognized with, and by, your peers anywhere in the world, but it makes it all the more gratifying to be recognized at home here in Canada – and at the same time as my first and most successful writing partner John Capek, with whom I’ve worked, on and off, for almost 50 years,” said Marc Jordan.

“Anthems, songs that stand the test of time, are what we hope to create as songwriters,” said John Capek. “To be recognized for that by my peers, and for my body of work, is an honour.  Thank you to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame for this recognition, and to all the incredible individual artists with whom I’ve had the privilege of working with along the way.”

As part of the CSHF’s 25th anniversary initiatives, the Legends Series will celebrate songwriters and song inductions in various cities across Canada, with performances from emerging artists, intermingled with conversations with the inductees in intimate settings. The first event of the Legends Series will take place in Montréal on Oct. 11, 2023, honouring recently announced inductees Michel Rivard, Marjo, and Jean Millaire. Additional song inductions and performers will be announced in the coming weeks.