SOCAN is sponsoring several panel discussions in the Canadian Music Week ”Virtual Voices” online series, in order to provide useful information that can help put more money in our members’ pockets.

On Oct. 3, 2023, the “Metadata = Money” session – whose participants included SOCAN Director, Royalty Operations, Leslie Chan – explained how complete metadata is essential to maximize the value of our members’ music. Thorough, correct metadata attached to music positively impacts royalties, ensures accurate credits, and expands the ability to be discovered by current and future fans. If you’re interested, you can access a recording of the metadata panel.

Next up in the series, on Oct. 17, 2023, was “Monetizing Music in Film & TV.” The audio-visual market is growing, and new opportunities are popping up every day to earn money for the use of music. From traditional broadcast to digital and UGC platforms, this session covered the different royalty streams, and how to protect one’s rights. Attendees heard from experts working in the field, got tips on pitching their music, and left with a better understanding of the screen music ecosystem.

The panel was moderated by screen composer and SOCAN Creative Executive, Film/TV and Visual Media, Gagan Singh. Participants are Martin Lavallée, SOCAN’s Head of Reproduction Rights; Jennifer Beavis, Canadian Director, Synchronization & Publishing Administration, BMG Rights Management (Canada); Michael Perlmutter, Music Supervisor, Instinct Entertainment; and John Rowley, screen composer and music supervisor.