The alternative booking festival Le Phoque OFF will be held Feb. 21–25, 2022. And since the presenters of this Québec City-based event never do things like anyone else, this edition will take place in… the metaverse! That means all musical showcases will be presented online in 3-D immersive universes. As the event’s mission is to introduce the artists of tomorrow to the various players in today’s performing arts market, it;s be the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with emerging and alternative artists of all musical walks.

Don’t miss our “The Breakdown” video capsule featuring Yanick Capuano, Phoque OFF’s programmer, who explains what the metaverse is, and how his festival and the participating artists will benefit from it:

Click on the image to watch the video

Click on the image to watch the video

In addition to the musical showcases featuring, among others, Malika Tirolien, Seulement, La Fièvre, Zouz, Virginie B, Douance, Sara-Danielle, Hippie Hourrah, and Larynx, Le Phoque OFF will also host a series of panels, conferences, training sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities via its PRO platform. tackling issues that affect all actors in the cultural industry. SOCAN is once again a partner of this event, providing financial support, and will also present two panels hosted by Sara Dendane, SOCAN Creative and Partnerships Executive:

  • SOCAN 101 — Musical Eights and Royalties Explained. Feb. 24, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. Free. Book your online ticket here.
  • SOCAN Panel — Writing and Composing for Others: Challenges and Opportunities. Whether you sing your own songs or write for others, certain issues arise. How do you adapt to a given artist while retaining your own signature? How do you stay fresh and on top of the latest trends? How do you reach the higher echelons of the songwriting world? These and other questions will be answered by the girls of Heartbeat, a singer-songwriter duo from Montréal, who now covet nothing less than the top of the international pop world, along with Sara Dendane. Feb. 22, 2022, at 4 p.m. Restricted to attendees with PRO credentials.

The public is also invited to enjoy the musical showcases and performances through a variety of rates that you can find here.

SOCAN wishes you a great Phoque Off!