Are you trying to find out who the rights holders are for a song or composition? Or who the publisher is? Maybe you want to use it in TV show or commercial, or use a sample, and want to check if it’s registered with SOCAN?

The answers to those and similar questions can be found in our SOCAN Repertoire Search.

The repertoire search is public, open to anyone looking for information about any song that’s registered with SOCAN. Recent enhancements to the search mean a better user experience through expanded search functionality, more detailed information, and by providing an option for rights holders to share contact information.

You can easily search by entering the title of the song or composition, the name of any of its co-writers or music publishers, or by the work identifier number.

Once you’ve entered search information, the results will be more interactive, allowing searchers to click on the names of the writers, publishers, or titles, in order to find out more. Music publishers, especially those with extensive catalogues, will benefit from a greater ability to zero in the information they require.

The SOCAN repertoire is a valuable tool for the music industry; a source of music for commercials, television programs, and movies; and when a performer wants to cover a song, or use a sample in a new song, it provides necessary information.

The enhanced SOCAN repertoire offers its music publisher, composer, and songwriter members the opportunity to provide important information in the new “My Repertoire Contact” section in their SOCAN online accounts. When you, or your publisher, complete your repertoire contact information, you’re providing music supervisors, production companies, other music users, fellow SOCAN members, and the public an easy way to contact you, or your company, about your songs or compositions.

Check out our SOCAN Repertoire Search today!