The SOCAN Foundation has announced the participants for the fourth edition of the TD Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship. The incubator program provides emerging music creators with seed funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to participate in a progressive webinar series that will hone their skills of entrepreneurship, while providing them with the tools and resources needed to turn their talent into a sustainable career. The incubator is made possible with the generous support of the TD Ready Commitment.

“The program is designed to identify, celebrate, and support the next generation of music creators that have demonstrated extraordinary potential,” said Charlie Wall-Andrews, Executive Director of the SOCAN Foundation.

After reviewing hundreds of submissions, the Foundation was pleased to announce that the following music creators have been accepted into the 2021 edition of the program:

  • Bukola (British Columbia)
  • Holly Santonato (Ontario)
  • Jay Glavany (Ontario)
  • Jerry Sereda (Manitoba)
  • Jessica Spurrell (Ontario)
  • Kaili Kinnon (Ontario)
  • Kaiya Gamble (Alberta)
  • Kylie V (British Columbia)
  • Leah Marlene (Ontario)
  • Mackenta (Ontario)
  • Maggie Andrew a.k.a. Jorie (Nova Scotia)
  • Meghan Oak (Québec)
  • Mez Mariyé (Ontario)
  • Mint Simon (Québec)
  • Newby (Ontario)
  • sahara (British Columbia)
  • Salin (Québec)
  • Sam Krüger (Québec)
  • Shades Lawrence (Québec)
  • Siddartha (Ontario)
  • Siibii aka Angel Baribeau (Québec)
  • Terez (Alberta)
  • The Moon & I (Québec)
  • Tracey Richard (New Brunswick)
  • ARI (Ontario)

Click here to meet the participants.

Each participant in the program will receive:

  • A cash grant of up to $3,000, intended to defray start-up costs (such as those spent on marketing, business development, branding, etc.);
  • Mentorship by an industry professional; and
  • Access to exclusive webinars led by industry professionals and experts, to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants.

For more information about the SOCAN Foundation and the TD Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship, visit