The SOCAN Foundation has announced the participants for the fifth edition of the TD Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship. The incubator program provides emerging music creators with seed funding, mentorship, and the opportunity to participate in a progressive webinar series that will hone their entrepreneurial skills, while providing them with the tools and resources needed to turn their talent into a sustainable career. The incubator is made possible with the generous support of the TD Ready Commitment.

“With support from TD, the Incubator was designed to identify, celebrate, and support the next generation of music creators that have demonstrated extraordinary potential. We’re so proud of four talented cohorts that have graduated from this program, and this year is no exception,” said Charlie Wall-Andrews, Executive Director of SOCAN Foundation.

For the second consecutive year, spots in the prestigious program were extended to the five most recent winners of SOCAN Foundation’s Young Canadian Songwriters Awards, allowing them to build career momentum.

After reviewing hundreds of submissions, the Foundation was pleased to announce that the following music creators have been accepted into the 2021 edition of the program:

  • Alex Métivier (Québec)
  • Anna Melva (Alberta)
  • Audâze (Québec)
  • AVIV (Ontario)
  • Avril Jensen (Québec)
  • Bobo Laurent (Québec)
  • Christine Lee (BC)
  • Clara Dahlie (Québec)
  • Clarissa Diokno (Ontario)
  • Danie (Ontario)
  • Dilettante (Ontario)
  • Hansom Ēli (Québec)
  • Laura Lucas (Manitoba)
  • Lev Snowe (Manitoba)
  • magenta (Ontario)
  • Moira & Claire (Nova Scotia)
  • NIA NADURATA (Ontario)
  • Omega Mighty (Ontario)
  • qwinn (New Brunswick)
  • Sahati (Ontario)
  • Sheperd (Ontario)
  • Stromer Hills (Alberta)
  • Summer Bennett (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Velours Velours (Québec)
  • Yohvn Black (Nova Scotia)

Meet the participants.

Each participant in the program will receive:

  • A cash grant of up to $3,000, intended to defray start-up costs (such as those spent on marketing, business development, branding, etc.);
  • Mentorship by an industry professional; and
  • Access to exclusive webinars led by industry professionals and experts, to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit of the participants.

For more information about the SOCAN Foundation and the TD Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship, visit


The screen composer duo of brothers Caleb and Brian Chan won two honours at the 2023 edition of the annual LEO Awards, celebrating excellence in British Columbia film and television. The 25th Anniversary LEOs were presented live at the Celebration Ceremony on July 8, and the Gala Ceremony on July 9, 2023. SOCAN’s #ComposersWhoScore walked away with all eight of the musical honours.

Prizes were awarded as follows:

Best Musical Score in a Television Movie
Caleb and Brian Chan, for  A Fabled Holiday

Best Musical Score in an Animation Series
Caleb and Brian Chan, for Angry Birds: Summer Madness – “Crash Course” episode

Best Musical Score in a Motion Picture
Jesse Zubot and Wayne Lavallée, for Bones of Crows

Best Musical Score in a Short Drama
Jordan Andrew, for Consumer

Best Musical Score in a Feature-Length Documentary
Daryl Bennett, for State Organs

Best Musical Score in a Documentary Series
Steve Raskin, for Viagra: The Little Blue Pill That Changed The World – “The Hard Science” episode

Best Musical Score in a Music, Comedy, or Variety Program or Series
William Hodgins and Sina Nazarian, for  Where I’m From

Best Music Video
Peter Press Lee, for “Chiseler”

The events was attended by SOCAN representatives Gagan Singh, Creative Executive, Film/TV & Visual Media; Sara Pavilionis, Manager, Member Services; Coralie Hummel, Account Executive, Radio; and Phil Laffin, Account Executive.

The LEO Awards offer an excellent opportunity for SOCAN members who work in film and television to celebrate their accomplishments. For more information and a complete list of 2023 winners, access the LEO Awards website.

SOCAN is pleased to report that we’ve begun working with Aslice, a technology-based service that allows DJs to easily and conveniently attribute a portion of their set fee to the creators of the music that they play at a paid gig.

Aslice automates the process of DJs uploading their playlist text files, as they submit their set list and share a small percentage (a suggested rate is five percent) of the gig fee. Using proprietary machine learning technology, Aslice matches and distributes the money equally to all the music creators on the playlist.

Under this new collaboration, firstly, the fees collected by Aslice flow directly to the creators of the music that the DJs play. Secondly, as Aslice shares its DJ set lists with SOCAN, we can ensure that venues where the DJs play are licensed properly, and that the performing rights for these events are collected and distributed, based on real data – which has traditionally been difficult to obtain in this sector of the music ecosystem.

SOCAN is happy to be working with a company that supports the great value that the electronic and dance music creative communities bring to listeners’ (and dancers’) experience.

For more information, visit the Aslice website, or access the company’s FAQs.