SOCAN Foundation, residency, Francophone, artist-entrepreneurs, outside QuébecFrom June 17-20, 2024, The SOCAN Foundation, the Alliance Nationale de l’Industrie de la Musique (ANIM), the Fédération culturelle canadienne-française (FCCF), and the Société professionnelle des auteurs, compositeurs du Québec et des artistes entrepreneurs (SPACQ-AE) collaborated to present a brand new residency program to support Francophone artist-entrepreneurs from outside Québec. Nine participants from across Canada were selected for a stay in Montréal, where they attended workshops, presentations, and roundtables, including an access to the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos de Montréal, and several SOCAN networking events.

Francophones in minority situations in Canada face particular geographical and linguistic realities, and must find efficient ways of juggling the administrative and artistic sides of their careers. With that in mind, SOCAN Foundation and its partner organizations decided to create this program to address these specific issues.

The four days were packed with activities, such as attending SOCAN’s Connexion networking event; a training session on distribution networks given by Indie MTL; another on digital marketing by Shanti Loiselle; mentoring by Ariane Lemire, who sits on the board of SPACQ-AE as a representative of Francophone artists outside Québec; as well as various panels and other networking mixers offered during the Rendez-Vous Pros des Francos.SOCAN Foundation, residency, Francophone, artist-entrepreneurs, outside Québec“This residency has benefited me in many ways,” said Maude Sonier, a participant from New Brunswick. “First, the very fact that I was able to share with other artists from Canada’s Francophonie was incredibly beneficial. The workshops enabled me to deepen my knowledge on how to manage social media platforms and booking, and, above all, afforded me the time to think about my own artistic approach. Networking opportunities at the Francos were like the cherry on top, and it allowed me to re-connect with the network I’m just starting to build in Québec. I’m thankful that our particular reality as artists from outside Québec is being recognized, and for this opportunity to discover and develop in a welcoming and fun environment. This kind of residency is beyond relevant and necessary, and I’m looking forward to seeing the next cohorts take advantage of it.”

British Columbian Élodie Dorsel was just as enthused: “I was able to make contacts in the Francophone industry, attend entrepreneurial workshops that will help my career, and immerse myself a little more in Francophone music at the Francos. It was truly a week filled with precious moments. Thank you so much to the organizers who help Francophone artists from outside Québec. Programs like this make all the difference!

SOCAN Foundation, residency, Francophone, artist-entrepreneurs, outside QuébecFor Julien Boumard Coallier, Grants Manager at the SOCAN Foundation, the first edition of the program has shown that there’s a real need for this type of exchange and training activity: “Cultural and linguistic diversity is the Canadian music industry’s biggest asset, and these four days provided indisputable proof of this, with French-speaking participants from all over the country. Wearing several hats isn’t a cakewalk, and I’d like to congratulate the artist-entrepreneurs who were invited for this first edition—they shone through with their determination, curiosity, and independence.”

The participants were:

  • Jocelyne Baribeau, Manitoba
  • Laura Penney, Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Maxime Boudreau, New Brunswick
  • Daniel Viragh, British Columbia
  • Mustapha Boukrouna, Ontario
  • Marc-Antoine Joly, Ontario
  • Maude Sonier, New Brunswick
  • Chadrack Nlandu, Ontario
  • Élodie Dorsel, British Columbia