SOCAN hosted a vibrant networking event atop the prestigious Godfrey Hotel Hollywood in Los Angeles, on Apr. 15, 2024. The event, aptly named “Connection,” aimed to provide an opportunity for SOCAN members and industry peers to come together, network, and foster a stronger sense of community among Canadians residing in different territories.

With more than 275 attendees gracing the rooftop of the Godfrey, the event was a resounding success. SOCAN was delighted to witness its members converging with industry professionals, not only to share enjoyable moments, but also to deepen their bonds and relationships.

SOCAN “Connection” events are instrumental in creating a sense of unity within our diverse community. It’s heartwarming to see individuals from various backgrounds and geographical locations come together on one roof to celebrate their shared passion for music. Attendees were treated to a lively atmosphere, complemented by stunning views of the Hollywood skyline. The event provided a platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and forging new collaborations, reinforcing SOCAN’s commitment to supporting and empowering its members.

SOCAN continues to play a pivotal role in advocating for the rights of music creators, while fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. The success of this most recent “Connection” event underscores the organization’s dedication to nurturing meaningful collaboration within the Canadian music industry.

As the sun set over the iconic Hollywood landscape, attendees departed with a renewed sense of inspiration and camaraderie, anticipating future gatherings that will further strengthen the bonds of friendship and teamwork within the SOCAN community.