SOCAN orchestrated a groundbreaking musical event, the Kenekt Miami Latin Song Camp, at the exclusive Rezort Miami, from Sept. 26-29, 2023. The camp gathered a diverse group of music-makers and industry professionals to foster creative collaboration, and bridge connections, between SOCAN members and their counterparts in the vibrant Miami music scene.

The camp took place over three days of songwriting, Sept. 26-28, with a grand finale listening session on Sept. 29. Held at the private studio of Don Mills and Illmind, the event was organized by SOCAN Creative & Partnership Executive Sara Dendane and Creative Executive Houtan Hodania, with assistance from Communications & Marketing Specialist Marie-Michèle Bouchard.

The SOCAN members participating in this unique event – drawn from various Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver –  included Don Mills, Gminxr, RealMind, Sean Fisher, AC, RuffSound, Just Ideas, Daniela Andrade, Cruzito, AlxVeliz, Fito Blanko, Vanesa Castillo Vasquez, and Demy & Clipz. From the Miami scene, the music creators who lent their talent to the camp were IllMind, Mazzarri, G40, JAB, Essa Gante, Sofia Lafuente, David Raey, La Gabi, SZ, Kaylee Ameri, Daliz, Andy Clay, and Omar K11.

To facilitate their creative synergy, the camp boasted four state-of-the-art studios, and hosted two songwriting sessions a day. This intensive schedule resulted in more than eight songs being written every day, culminating in the complete production of more than 24 songs throughout the event.

“While Latin music may not be the first thing you think of when you think of music in Canada,” says SOCAN’s Houtan Hodania. “the reality is Canada has an abundance of talent in the Latin space and we really wanted to show our support for the community by doing a writing camp that connects Canadians with other talented Latin artists, songwriters, and producer based in Miami. We couldn’t be happier with how the camp turned out and look forward to continuing to support our members with similar initiatives in the future.”

The SOCAN Kenekt Miami Latin Song Camp not only showcased the remarkable talent of SOCAN members, but also emphasized the power of music to transcend borders, and unite artists from diverse backgrounds. This musical convergence promises to leave a lasting impact on its participants, and inspire future collaborative international endeavors in the global music community.