SOCAN member FKA Rayne won a first-place prize in the Screenshot category of the 2022 Unsigned Only song competition, for her song “Sour Candy.”

SOCAN members, or acts featuring SOCAN members, also earned 16 honorable mentions in various categories. Four members each earned double such recognitions for their work: Nate Haller, Madison Olds, Lisa Swarbrick MusiCollective, and Madalen Duke.

Scot Free Sessions, for “Ford Motel”
Lisa Swarbrick MusiCollective, for “Gravesender”

Kevin Adams & Voices of Praise, for “Give You the Glory”

Nate Haller, for both “Broken” and “Lightning in a Bottle”
Josh Ross, for “First Taste of Gone”

Duff Kelly, for “Holy Lady”

Pop/Top 40
Madison Olds, for “Average”

Madalen Duke, for “How Villains Are Made”

Saya, for “Novocaine”

Snotty Nose Rez Kids, for “Uncle Rico”
Lex Leosis, for “Wanted”

Madalen Duke, for “How Villains Are Made”
Madison Olds, for “Hero”
Lisa Swarbrick MusiCollective, for “Gravesender”
Richard Tichelman, for “Missing You”

SOCAN congratulates all of our winning members on these achievements. For a complete list of winners, and to hear the winning songs, click here.