SOCAN recognizes the important role that Québec music creators and publishers play in the cultural framework of Canada’s music industry, and we’re pleased to share an initiative that will prioritize the management of Québec member royalties and creative efforts, via our Montréal office.

SOCAN is activating a dedicated team that will provide end-to-end service for Québec members.

Moving forward, members based in Québec will benefit from:

  • dedicated Account Executives in the Montréal office, focusing exclusively on Québec accounts.
  • a new dedicated Account Executive Team Lead in the Montréal office, who’ll manage escalations and prioritize work, ensuring resources are deployed to complete work efficiently.
  • additional repertoire and distribution specialists in the Montréal office, dedicated to updating Québec member agreements, works, and cue sheets.
  • an efficient workflow where Account Executives and Distribution Administrators work together to resolve catalogue, statement, and royalty questions and concerns.
  • Member Service Agents that continue to be a first point of contact, answering member questions, assisting with on-boarding, and operating with the understanding and confidence that they’re able to quickly raise Québec member queries to a team dedicated to prioritizing their work.
  • the addition of a Québec-based Human Resources professional to ensure that we’re hiring and retaining employees that understand the Québec market.
  • communications and marketing content that’s developed locally for a curated experience, delivering the information most important to Québec members, telling their stories, supported by Francophone communications expertise.
  • the continued support of a dedicated Creative Team providing education, special events, craft development, networking opportunities, and one-on-one touch-points.

SOCAN continues to be accessible to all Québec members via or through the call centre at 1-866-307-6226.

Our commitment to service excellence for all members is at the core of what we do. Recognizing the distinctive needs of our Québec members is one of many things we’ll do to best serve our different member communities.