SOCAN is pleased to report that we’ve begun working with Aslice, a technology-based service that allows DJs to easily and conveniently attribute a portion of their set fee to the creators of the music that they play at a paid gig.

Aslice automates the process of DJs uploading their playlist text files, as they submit their set list and share a small percentage (a suggested rate is five percent) of the gig fee. Using proprietary machine learning technology, Aslice matches and distributes the money equally to all the music creators on the playlist.

Under this new collaboration, firstly, the fees collected by Aslice flow directly to the creators of the music that the DJs play. Secondly, as Aslice shares its DJ set lists with SOCAN, we can ensure that venues where the DJs play are licensed properly, and that the performing rights for these events are collected and distributed, based on real data – which has traditionally been difficult to obtain in this sector of the music ecosystem.

SOCAN is happy to be working with a company that supports the great value that the electronic and dance music creative communities bring to listeners’ (and dancers’) experience.

For more information, visit the Aslice website, or access the company’s FAQs.