SOCAN was pleased to present our annual Nashville Family & Friends Bashlive and in person, for the first time in three years – at the Bobby Hotel, on May 18, 2022, honouring our locally-based SOCAN members, and allowing them to network extensively with the city’s songwriting, publishing, and broader music-business communities.

We hosted more than 100 guests, including local and visiting members, as well as industry representatives from labels, music publishers, music technology firms, and agencies. Among them were members such as Kat Higgins, Emma-Lee, Aaron Goodvin, Colin Linden, Dave “Dwave” Thomson, Karen Kosowski, Patricia Conroy, Rylee Madison, Terry Sawchuk, Todd Clark, Travis Wood, Robyn Dell’Unto, James Barker, Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Jade Eagleson, and Gavin Slate.

Attending from SOCAN were our CEO Jennifer Brown; President and Chair of the Board of Directors, Marc Ouellette; Vice-President, Member & Industry Relations, Vanessa Thomas; Director, Creative, Cameron Kennedy; Creative Executive, Los Angeles, Racquel Villagante; Creative Programming & Partnerships Co-Ordinator, Maria Escamilla; Nashville Representative, Eddie Schwartz; and SOCAN Foundation Program & Development Co-Ordinator, Holly Hudson.

While spending the week in Nashville, the SOCAN Creative team took the opportunity to present 16 SOCAN No. 1 Song Award plaques, for 11 songs that scaled the peak of the Billboard Canada Country Chart (except for two on other charts, as noted below):

Kat Higgins, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Cameron Kennedy, Marc Ouellette, Jennifer Brown, Kat Higgins, Racquel Villagante, Vanessa Thomas, Maria Escamilla, Holly Hudson

One award to Kat Higgins, for co-writing Kenny Chesney’s “Knowing You,” which topped the Billboard Country Chart, and is sub-published by BMG/Sony/ATV in Canada;

Travis Wood, Todd Clark, Gavin Slate, Jade Eagleson, James Barker band, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Vanessa Thomas, Travis Wood, Todd Clark, Gavin Slate, Jade Eagleson, Marc Ouellette, Jennifer Brown, Racquel Villagante, Cameron Kennedy, Maria Escamilla

Four trophies, one each to Travis Wood, Todd Clark, and Gavin Slate, for co-writing James Barker Band’s “Over All Over Again” (James Barker’s will be presented at a later date); and four more, one each to Wood, Clark, Slate, and Jade Eagleson, for co-writing Eagleson’s “Lucky,” co-published by Trash Man Songs;

Kelly Archer, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Racquel Villagante, Cameron Kennedy, Kelly Archer, Vanessa Thomas, Maria Escamilla, Marc Ouellette

Two awards to Kelly Archer, for co-writing Tyler Joe Miller’s “Pillow Talkin’” and “I Would Be Over Me, Too,” the latter co-published by Downtown Music Canada;

Gordie Sampson, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Vanessa Thomas, Racquel Villagante, Gordie Sampson, Cameron Kennedy

One plaque to Gordie Sampson, for co-writing Tenille Townes’ “Jersey on the Wall,” co-published by Year of the Dog / Red Brick Songs;

Brad Rempel, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Vanessa Thomas, Cameron Kennedy, Brad Rempel, BJ Hill from Warner Chappell Music Nashville, Racquel Villagante

Three No. 1s to Brad Rempel, co-writing his duo High Valley’s “Grew Up On That” and “River’s Still Running,” and Jade Eagleson’s “All Night to Figure It Out,” all co-published by Spruce Road / Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and Warner Chappell Music Nashville, among others;

Deric Ruttan, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Cameron Kennedy, Deric Ruttan, Racquel Villagante, Vanessa Thomas

One honour to Deric Ruttan, for co-writing Maddie & Tae’s “Die From a Broken Heart,” which conquered the zenith of the Billboard Country Airplay Chart, and is co-published by Warner Chappell Music;

Daen Brody, No. 1 Song, SOCAN

Left to right: Maria Escamilla, Dean Brody, Racquel Villagante

And one award to Dean Brody, for writing his own smash hit, “Canadian Summer,” co-published by Scurvy Dog Music.

While the No. 1 Song Awards for Kat Higgins, Travis Wood, Todd Clark, Gavin Slate, and Jade Eagleson were handed out at the SOCAN Family & Friends party, others were presented at outings with the recipients: a dinner with Kelly Archer O-Ku Sushi; a dinner with Gordie Sampson, and a breakfast with Deric Ruttan, both at First Watch; a lunch with Brad Rempel at Earnest Bar & Hideaway; and Dean Brody’s trophy was presented onstage, during his performance at the Starseed Entertainment Writer’s Round, held at the Assembly Food Hall.

The Creative team also hosted a lunch for Terry Sawchuk at Soho House, as well as a lunch with Madeline Merlo and afternoon beverages with Sam Ellis, both at Pinewood Social.

SOCAN thanks our hard-working members for attending the reception, and congratulates all of our chart-topping members as well!