SOCAN Creative Executive Gagan Singh has earned the Best Music Composer honour in the 2022 edition of the Tokyo Film Awards. Singh, our Membership department’s Creative Executive for Film /TV & Visual Media, received his award in February 2022 for scoring The Black Bag. The Tokyo Film Awards is a competition organized by working professionals from the film and television industry in that city. Its programming is mainly focused on short films, and its main mission is to promote young talents and their vision.

The Black Bag is a short thriller produced by Foster Films Canada, directed by Lee Foster, and shot entirely in Canada. Foster and Singh have worked together for almost a decade, since they were both emerging as students in their fields at the University of Toronto.

“Love and gratitude to the Tokyo Film Awards,” said Singh. “A special shout-out to Foster Films Canada for our collaborations over the past several years. It’s an honour to be able to continue to do great work together, and for it to be recognized locally, nationally, and globally.

“My collaborative, creative relationship and friendship with Lee Foster helped me further my craft in screen-media music. As he was producing television commercials and directing films, he would give me the call to score the music for many of these projects, and all the while I was honing my skills further. Working with him and his team has always been inspiring, and an enjoyable challenge – because he always expects me to deliver a quality score. We both try to raise the bar with each project we go into, and it’s our passion for the craft that drives our work. Others among our collaborative projects have also been recognized in the past, most notably The Use of Deadly Force (2016), starring Elvis Stojko.”

SOCAN congratulates our own Gagan Singh on this great achievement!