One would think the pandemic would have been fatal for a group like Bon Enfant. In a collective like this – some might call it a “supergroup” – where virtually every member has either a history of various musical experience, or a well-established solo career, even a temporary ban from performing in front of their fans could have easily resulted in a loss of motivation to move the project forward. However, the main creative duo of Daphné Brissette and Guillaume Chiasson, supported by Alex Burger, Étienne Côté (Lumière), and Mélissa Fortin, have doubled down. Thanks to their waiver, giving them the right to gather to record their second album, Diorama, they’ve beaten the odds, and even went on to win the Félix for Album of the Year – Rock, at the First Gala de l’ADISQ, on Nov. 2, 2022.

We spoke with the band after their win to find out how they manage to make everyone’s ego feel creatively equal.

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