SOCAN had the chance to briefly meet several of its members on the red carpet at the 2024 JUNOs. Here’s what a few of them had to share with us…


It was a well-deserved first recognition at the 2024 JUNOs for Lionel Kizaba, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and pioneer of Afro-Congolese electronic music who’s based in Montréal. Thanks to his electronic afropop album Kizavibe, co-written and co-produced with his sidekick Gone Deville, he’s travelled the world – and continues to do so – to share his rhythmic concoction, in which festive and visual aspects take centre stage. We met both creators on the red carpet as they relished their moment in the sun.

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Getting introduced to the cream of the Canadian music industry all at once isn’t something that happens every day. That’s what happened to Québec’s Lili-Ann De Francesco when she gave an electrifying performance at the 2024 JUNO Opening Gala, with her song “The Girl (That You Can’t Get Over).” The next day, we caught up with the singer-songwriter on the red carpet of the Broadcast Gala, and talked about the pressure and excitement that comes with such a unique opportunity.

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For a decade now, the Moonshine events have stayed true to their concept: move to a new location every time, and reveal said location by text message, which is where the title of the accompanying mixtape – SMS for Location – comes from. The fifth volume of the mixtape garnered a nomination at the 2024 JUNOs, in the Global Music Album of the Year category, just as its predecessor did in 2022. Since it was founded, Moonshine has taken its vibe all over the place, from Montréal to Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Santiago, and beyond. We talked about the phenomenon on the red carpet with two of its representatives, Pierre Kwenders and San Farafina.

SOCAN, interview, JUNOs, 2024, Moonshine, Pierre Kwenders, San Sarafina

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