After careful and systematic planning with our global partners, Fair Trade Music International (FTMI) has at last become a reality.  In 2015, the S.A.C. took the lead and incorporated a separate company called FT Music International.  In 2016 this new company certified its first fair trade music release: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ PersonA. The program’s success still, however, relies largely upon the S.A.C. and volunteer efforts, including an international Board of Directors, International Advisory Council of music creators from five continents, and certification auditors based in Nashville. (Do Write Music LLC). The S.A.C. will continue to support this initiative while FTMI expands the certification types.

The S.A.C. also works with music creator organizations globally, including CIAM (International Council of Music Creators) and ECSA (European Composer and Songwriter Alliance); the SGA (Songwriters Guild of America), SCL (Society of Composers and Lyricists), the Council of Music Creators, and SONA in the U.S.  The umbrella group, called Music Creators North America, encompasses almost all major North American music creator organizations.  Eddie Schwartz, President Emeritus of the S.A.C., continues to represent Canada as Music Creators North America Co-Chair. Joint ventures have resulted in lobbying efforts regarding U.S. Copyright and the consent decrees governing ASCAP and BMI.

Music Creators North America also has one of the three creator seats at the table helping to make decisions on distribution policies and programming among all CISAC societies, the international umbrella group of creators’ rights organizations.


Jasime Denham, Vince Degiorgio, Murray Daigle

Two of the writers and the publisher of the official 2015 Pan Am games song “Together We Are One,” written at a S.A.C. Song Camp, receive a SOCAN No. 1 Song Award for topping the CBC Radio 2 Top 20. Left to right: co-writer Jasmine Denham; publisher and Song Camp producer Vince Degiorgio of Cymba Music; co writer Murray Daigle. Co-writer Bobby John received his award at the Montréal office. (Photo: Tiana Feng)

On a national level, the S.A.C. provides leadership and education to songwriters throughout Canada. The S.A.C. Songworks Camps provide a unique collaborative experience for our members. Working with local music associations and publishers, the S.A.C. Songworks producers bring together a wide range of songwriters, diverse in collaborative experience, age, genre and language. Here are some of the camps’ successes:

SAC Success Table


Murray Daigle says of co-writing the official 2015 Pan Am games theme song: “The value of the experience, making new top-level industry contacts, and earning a second SOCAN No. 1 Song Award is less tangible, but very significant as a career milestone, and will definitely contribute to future opportunities and successes.”


The S.A.C. also continues to work hard to develop cost-effective educational programming.  One of the most successful programs is our One on One Mentoring sessions.  Members have the opportunity to connect, via Skype, with top music industry representatives in Canada and the U.S. For 20 minutes, a songwriter has the chance to ask their mentor for help with any aspect of the songwriting business.

For an annual fee of $60* you can join the Songwriters Association of Canada to make the world a better place for songwriters, and support those who support you. For more information, call Isabel Crack, S.A.C. Managing Director, at (416) 961-1588, or e-mail

* Professionals can expense against songwriting income