Despite having an ongoing presence at music industry events across the country, representatives of the Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) are often asked, “Are you SOCAN?”

To which the answer is always, “SOCAN is an important organization for songwriters to be part of in order to get paid performance royalties. The S.A.C. is a separate organization that is also great for songwriters for networking, education and advocacy.”

As a member of SOCAN, you probably take your songwriting career seriously. Similarly, S.A.C. membership is an investment, not only in your career, but also in the songwriting industry at large.

Founded in 1983, the Songwriters Association of Canada was formed to inform and support songwriters at all levels, and to create a platform for songwriters to have a voice in the ever-changing landscape of the music industry. Since that time, the business has undergone significant changes, and continues to evolve rapidly with emerging technologies. As such, the importance of advocating on behalf of songwriters is now more important than ever. The S.A.C. continues to build important bridges between songwriting organizations and policy makers, both  in Canada and throughout the world.

Over the years, the organization has expanded to include networking and education initiatives to nurture the songwriting industry in Canada. This includes a recently launched webinar series that songwriters can log into from anywhere across the country, to access topics such as “How To Get Your Music in Film & TV,” “Going Indie in Urban Music,” and “Work, Life Balance for Songwriters.” Our webinars form part of Channel S.A.C., a video library exclusive to members on our website.

This past year saw the launch of our annual reference edition of Songwriters Magazine – a publication that covers both the business and craft of songwriting. We’ve also expanded a program called “Songworks,” that creates opportunities for professional and emerging songwriters to co-write and record together – which has already resulted in song placements around the world.

Our other programs include:

  • Song Vault:  A secure registration service to protect your songs.
  • Song Assessment: Get online professional feedback.
  • Regional Writers Group: Network and hone your songwriting.
  • WritersConnect : Meet new songwriting partners and collaborate.
  •  Pitch your songs for film & TV placement.
  • Songposium: Full-day interactive workshops.
  • BlueBird North: Where writers sing & tell.

We welcome professional songwriters to join our roster of mentors, panelists and song assessors, along with providing feedback on our advocacy initiatives.  We also welcome aspiring songwriters who can tap into a wealth of growth and networking opportunities to help them succeed.  For more information about S.A.C., and to join, visit