Month: November 2015

Why music tagging conventions are crucial to getting paid

Metadata definitions have important consequences

King Melrose: Grabbing the bull by the crown

New kid in the select club of chart-toppers

Together is better: Jorane and Éloi Painchaud

The creative couple behind the music of La guerre des tuques...

President’s Message: The accelerating pace of change

Adapting to constant, disruptive technological shifts

Les Trois Accords: Unicorns and Dolphins Hand-In-Hand

Back on home turf to launch their fifth album

Uninvited Guests: Exploring Glenn Gould

Radically updating legendary pianist’s performances of the...

In the Spotlight: Charlotte Cardin

“Big Boy” has more than 160,000 plays on Spotify

Tobias Jesso Jr.: Journey to the Heart of Success

Authentic, personal songs lead to co-writes with Adele, Sia

Canadian Classics: “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide” (1980)

Written by David Broadbent and John Picard. Published by Re...


How music united two musicians who were worlds apart

Publishing: Rafael Perez stays the course

Coyote Records head honcho has a clear vision of his trade

In the Spotlight: SayWeCanFly

Embodying the essence of the do-it-yourself (DIY) ethic

Unison Benevolent Fund springs into action

Creating safety net for independent Canadian music community

Todor Kobakov: Bitten by the film bug

Applying previously learned skills to current movie scores

Half Moon Run : Long Distance Runners

These Montrealers’ well is far from dry