How do you get rid of the image that over two million TV viewers have of you after seeing you on one of TV’s biggest hit of the last decade? By doing exactly the opposite of what people expect of you.

Allow yourself the time to properly gestate and define your sound. Surround yourself with a team that will skillfully combine proven popular success and captivating artistic vision.

Such is the case for Charlotte Cardin, the undeniably charming singer-songwriter that we got to know—and love –while she carved herself a spot as a finalist in Marie-Mai’s team during the first season of La Voix (The Voice in Quebec).

Her jazzy tones were ideal to cover Amy Winehouse and other such suave songstresses whose songs she sang every week before the four La Voix team leaders.

It’s on that strength that she decided to capitalize, and which underpins the first pop-jazz tinged single she launched last July. “Big Boy,” a song she wrote and composed, was released on Montréal’s Cult Nation imprint (Iris, Dear Frederic) and clearly set the tone for her debut album, the release of which is slated for the fall of 2016. Not only has “Big Boy fared well on iTunes Top 100 downloads, it has also surpassed 160,000 plays on Spotify.

Her second single, “Les échardes” – launched on the singer’s 21st birthday – can be downloaded for free by subscribing to the artist’s official newsletter. A timeless yet contemporary ballad, “Les échardes” will no doubt win the hearts of her Québec fans and the French ones, too, who won’t be able to resist to her romantic melancholy.