Month: February 2016

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A dynamic virtual community of music-makers

SOCAN Classics: “Les Bombes” (1987)

The bomb that re-launched Michel Pagliaro’s career

The double life of Donovan Woods

Professional songsmith, hard-working artist

2016 JUNO Award Nominee Video Interview: DRU

2016 JUNO Award Nominee Video Interview: Tara Kannangara

Better Together: Jacques and Gabriel of Radio Radio

The chi(a)c duo of rappers aims for the stars with Light the...


Coleman Hell, Aaron Goodvin, Samantha Martin

Music Industry: Are videogames the future of music?

Both industries trying to re-invent their business model

Kenekt connects; what happens next?

Tracking the progress of some of SOCAN’s song camp partici...

2016 JUNO Award Nominee Video Interview: Kalle Mattson

2016 JUNO Award Nominee Video Interview: The Sheepdogs

Patrick Watson: Music before politics

Building bridges between Québec’s Francophone and Angloph...

Simon Kingsbury & Guillaume Lombart: Happy Together

Creator and publisher work as a team

The Artist Entrepreneur Program

How Canada’s Music Incubator fosters emerging musicians’...

Canadian Classics: Sum 41’s “Fat Lip” (2001)

Written by Deryck Whibley, Dave Baksh, Stephen Jojcz, Greig ...

Laurence Jalbert: Queen of Hearts

Her 11th album arrives in a state of grace